How To Protect Your Mental Health:20 Best Suggestions

20 Suggestions How To Protect Your Mental Health?

How To Protect Your Mental Health? From “risk-taking” studies to “escape” boxes, hugging therapy to pets, we present our suggestions that will put your psychological health on the right path. A bad mood is a serious condition that affects the quality of life, makes you need plenty of support from your loved ones and professionals, and requires both time and patience. But sometimes there are big gains in making small changes. Make room for the little tips we will offer you in your life.

How to improve your mental health?

1. Cut your relationship with social media

How To Protect Your Mental Health? A study by the US National Institute of Health has revealed that social media causes depression and anxiety. Abundant retouched visuals that you personally choose on social media cause self-destructive damage. If you find it difficult to review your friend’s list on Facebook if you cannot delete your Instagram account from your phone, spend up to half an hour a day checking your social media accounts. The less, the better.

2. Breathe right

The Breathe2Relax stress management app allows users to balance their moods, control their anger, and manage their anxiety by performing breathing exercises. The application, which specializes in the teaching of ‘diaphragm breathing’ (abdominal breathing), is perfect for you to overcome stress and relax.

3 write your sadness

Writing negative emotions and concerns can be a purifying experience. Either make a list of the emotions that bother you or keep a diary for emotional escape and feel good.

4 Try to take risks every day

Although being programmed and routine is important, you can be trapped in a boring order that repeats itself constantly. Talking to a new person, making a voice at a serious meeting, or trusting someone you are not very close to and sharing an important secret can trigger personal development. Define yourself a manageable risk every week and reward yourself when your mission is completed.

5 Unleash your strengths

Tom Rath’s bestselling book ‘StrengthsFinder’ contains helpful analysis to reveal your strengths, as well as suggestions to implement them strategically. Read now and witness how your productivity has increased with skills you are not aware of.

How To Protect Your Mental Health?

20 Suggestions To Protect Your Mental Health

6 try aromatherapy

According to a study by Rutgers University, those who are in a flower-smelling room feel better than those who are in a room that smells or smells a classic perfume like Chanel No.5. Therefore, it is useful to call a florist who prepares natural arrangements and order a beautiful bouquet as soon as the Vesaire boutique flower workshop. /

7 Sign out of your mailbox

Emails can be addictive. Continuously checking your mailbox can lead to inefficiency, while also keeping you from your real work. Also, checking your mail when you’re out of the office causes anxiety. Learning to arrange your emails in order of importance and to deactivate outside working hours will help you to rest your anxiety and put it in a ‘healthier routine.

8 hug

Paul Zak, one of the pioneers of the concept of “neuroeconomics”, came to the conclusion that hugging eight times a day makes people happier. In a TED talk he even made in 2011, he said that hugging your romantic partner lowers blood pressure, slows the heartbeat, and reduces stress by increasing the oxytocin level.

9 For banana tea

Banana peel is rich in vitamin B6 with amino acids that increase serotonin and reduce stress. To start the day positively, consume banana tea (causing depression) instead of morning coffee.

10 Stop complaining

How To Protect Your Mental Health? Continuous complaints not only make you an unforgettable person; Feeding negative thoughts also affects your approach to problems by staining your happiness. When you are about to complain about minor negativities, you ask yourself, “Is it worth it?” love. Then replace the negative idea with a positive or fun idea.

11 Add 30 minutes of fast running to your training program.

According to psychologists at the University of Essex, speeding up your training program by running, doubles your endorphin level, and increases the level of noradrenaline, making your mood high even 90 minutes after training.

12 Improve your ‘music health’

A new music app aims to scientifically enrich meditation by entertaining the brain sensibly. Unlike most music apps, MindMetro focuses exclusively on musical instruments. Listen to free music for an hour by downloading it from Google Play or App Store, or use it at bedtime for the best sleep of your life.

13 get a dog

A recent study proves that dog owners are happier than those who do not have any pets. Oxytocin, called the hugging hormone, is secreted by both the dog and the human when the two sides interact. If you are not yet able to get a dog, you can visit the shelters and love the animals there, and participate in charity work.

14 Do what worries you

Your anxiety increases as long as you avoid situations that disturb you. Create a computing environment for yourself and record your thoughts. In this way, you will be able to place your concerns within the framework of logic and understand that they are not as bad as you think.

15 ‘Stay at the moment’ while brushing your teeth

As recommended in Danny Penman and Mark’s submitted book ‘Mindfulness: A Practical Guide To Finding Peace In a Frantic World’, concentrating on a simple activity allows you to enjoy the moment and clear your head. During the two minutes, you brush your teeth, try to focus on the movements of your hand, and focus on your mouth.

Now You know How To Protect Your Mental Health?

20 Suggestions To Protect Your Mental Health

16 Have an ‘escape’ box

Prepare a special box of relaxing personal belongings that you associate with positive memories. The photos you love, good music, or an inspirational letter you write yourself will relieve you in moments of anxiety.

17 Keep your medicines nearby

You may forget to take your medicine or feel unnecessary to take your medicine when you feel hopeless. Therefore, where you will not forget your medicines; For example, putting it with the care products you use every morning will remind you of the benefits they provide. Stopping medications suddenly can have bad results.

18 eat a fatty fish every day

Omega 3 oils (especially in salmon and mackerel) not only prevent cognitive decline but also increase the level of serotonin with their docosahexaenoic acid content (DHA). Low DHA levels are associated with depression, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, memory loss, and Alzheimer’s. So remember to include oily fish and (or not) Krill oil supplements in your diet three times a week.

19 Keep a crisis calendar

Keeping track of when you are in a bad and good mood allows you to identify behavioral trends. For example, a mental breakdown can be linked to social activity, responsibility, or a particular day of the week. You can be prepared by noticing behavioral trends like this. Write your weekly schedule on the calendar you will hang somewhere you see often. Then mark the moments when you feel good and bad with two different colors.

20 make your home ‘zen’

A collective home creates a collective mind. Hang pictures on the walls that will allow you to experience the ‘moment’. Take care to choose from visually relaxing designs. A lush forest landscape or a vast ocean view will find space in your bedroom or on your desk where you need inner peace.

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