7 Features of a Good Physical Therapy Center

7 Features of a Good Physical Therapy Center, There are criteria that a good physical therapy center should have in the rehabilitation of problems such as stroke, paralysis, brain damage, spinal cord injury, and MS disease. If you want to choose a good physical therapy center for your patient, we recommend you to consider the following features:  let’s go 7 Features of a Good Physical Therapy Center

1- Rehabilitation Team

As in other fields of medicine, the most important issue in physical therapy and rehabilitation is undoubtedly human. An experienced and harmonious rehabilitation team is the first condition for patients to receive the best possible treatment. A good physical therapy center should be able to take a multidisciplinary approach. Neurological rehabilitation, including stroke treatment, requires the cooperation of various health professionals such as physical therapy and rehabilitation specialists, physiotherapists, rehabilitation nurse, speech therapists, occupational therapists, orthotics, physical therapy technicians, dieticians, and psychologists. When choosing a good physical therapy center, it may give you an idea to review the interests of the employees, especially the specialist doctors, academic studies, and scientific publications. Number of patients per nurse,

2- Devices

It is also possible to perform neurological rehabilitation with little or no device. With creative solutions and easily available and cheap objects such as small weights, exercise bands, play dough, good results can be obtained in the treatment of paralysis with a good physiotherapist. However, if a good physical therapy center is sought, it is necessary to question whether there are new technologies and devices. Robotic walking devices, hand-arm robots, body weight supported treadmills, virtual reality applications, computer-assisted balance devices, transcranial magnetic stimulation, functional electrical stimulation, biofeedback method are some of the technological tools that increase the success of physical therapy. Of course, it is not enough just to have devices. It is important for the rehabilitation team to be familiar with these devices and to be able to use different methods integrated into the same patient to reinforce each other’s effect.

3- Treatment Intensity – Number of Sessions Per Day

In most hospitals, people with diseases such as stroke, spinal cord paralysis, and brain damage can be applied physiotherapy for 1 session a day. Session duration is usually around 1 hour. Electrical stimulation, device treatments, and manual therapies get stuck in this time. In hospitals where robotic rehabilitation is available, it may be encountered that other treatments cannot be applied on the days of this treatment. However, the benefit of robotic rehabilitation is best seen when it is applied together with other treatments to increase the treatment intensity. As a result of scientific researches, it has been observed that physical therapy for more than 3 hours per day is significantly superior to shorter treatments in stroke patients. For this reason, be sure to ask about the number and duration of daily sessions at the physical therapy center you apply for the treatment of neurological disease.

4- Start Time of Treatment

Time is of the essence in physical therapy for stroke and brain injury. The first 3 months after stroke is gold for patient recovery. In some physical therapy clinics, there may be a waiting period of months after admission until admission. Even if these centers are very good, it can be difficult to get the best possible results for your patient due to the delay. In other words, a good physical therapy center should be able to provide early rehabilitation. The early period of neurological diseases is a period when complications are common. Depending on the medical condition of the patient, access to other related branches such as neurology, neurosurgery, internal diseases, cardiology, infectious diseases, psychiatry (requesting consultation), MRI, USG, EMG, if necessary,

5- Patient Rooms

Paralysis physical therapy is a process that requires patience. Single-person patient rooms, where the patient and his attendants can be comfortable, allow comfortable and privacy, are among the basic requirements to overcome this process more easily. Television, refrigerator, private toilet and bathroom in the rooms, accompanying bed are features that were considered a luxury in the past but have become standard in most hospitals today. However, it is useful to check beforehand to avoid surprises.

6- Place

Rehabilitation is teamwork and the patient and family are at the center of the team. It is important for a good physical therapy center to be in an easily accessible place, as it provides the opportunity to change attendants and frequent visits. Visiting relatives of patients is a motivational factor.

7- References

You can question and evaluate the criteria we mentioned yourself. But perhaps more effective decision-making is the references to the physical therapy center. This can be shaped by the advice of your own doctor or friend, or by the experiences of patients who have previously been treated at that center. You can research the opinions of patients who have been treated before in the center you are interested in.

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