Are Fat Gripz Worth It? Fat Gripz In-Depth Review

Fat Gripz is a weightlifting attachment that increases grip diameter and essentially turns any solid bar into an axle bar. They’re incredibly robust, useful, and surprisingly inexpensive. We highly recommend them.

Fat gripz has definitely made a buzz in the fitness industry, and why not when there are big names (like Jay Cutler) promoting and swearing at the effectiveness of this little piece of equipment.

The thick barbell or Fat barbell has been used by powerlifters for decades, and the Fat gripz was originally developed to mimic the same effects. Training with thick bars was more common in old-school gyms or strength gyms, but they are rarely seen in modern commercial gyms.

Fat gripz increases grip and forearm strength by increasing the diameter of the barbell and making it harder to grip. Including fat grips in your training routine will completely improve muscle activation and isolation.

Fat gripz has been in the limelight quite recently, and many fitness enthusiasts love to use fat gripz during workouts. Later in this article, we’ll discuss whether investing in oil grips is worth it, but before that, we’ll go over a few key points.

Fat Gripz Review

Are Fat Gripz Worth It? Fat Gripz In-Depth Review

Fat Gripz is large round cylinders that look very spongy. However, this is incorrect as I will speak in the construction section of the review.

Fat Gripz comes in two different sizes and is color-coordinated that way. The little pair is blue and the ones I got and the bigger ones are red.

The Fat Gripz logo is recessed on the handles and does not affect functionality in any way.

Fat Gripz is solid. It is much more robust than I expected and I am very happy to learn that.

I was worried that they would be as spongy as they looked and would feel like wet pool noodles instead of a hard surface feel like a barbell. Fortunately, that’s not the case. Actually, these provide a nice grip, but if anything, they’re harder to hold than a barbell because they don’t pick up chalk either.

In my opinion, this is a good thing. Their purpose is to make it harder for you to grip the bar or dumbbells, thereby increasing your grip. They do just that.

The hard rubber used was not chipped and I don’t see that happening anytime soon.

They’re large enough to fit in a large hand, and they even fit on my beloved Powerblock Adjustable Dumbbells. As you can see here:

Are Fat Gripz Worth It? Fat Gripz In-Depth Review

The Fat Gripz is concave at the edges as I assume a reduction in weight. And speaking of weight, don’t think these are light.

When I first got them, I was just as deceived as you are. They’re a solid piece of rubber that will be around for a long time.

Inner diameter is approximately 1″ and outer diameter is approximately 2.25″.

When it comes to construction and appearance, there isn’t much to review. They are thick and sturdy and very well built.

I use them for a lot of moves.

First off, I throw the Fat Gripz whenever I do anything with the bar, whether it’s barbell snatch or curling.

Fat Gripz makes things harder, and I’ve seen not only my grip strength increase but also the size of my forearms. And let’s be honest the lady (my wife) likes some ham-hocks.

One thing I’ve noticed that Fat Gripz forces you to do is actively squeeze. You cannot adequately hold the dumbbells. If you do, you better wear steel-toed shoes because your foot is about to get crushed, especially if you have small hands like me.

The purpose of fat gripz

As we said before, the fat gripz was developed to mimic thick bars, a standard barbell is about 1 inch thick, but a fat grip can turn your standard barbell into a thick bar by adding thickness to it.

How can add thickness to the grip help?

Using a thicker bar removes the grip strength to do the work for you and allows other stabilizing muscle groups to do the lifting, resulting in more muscle activation and better strength.

When you hold a 1-inch barbell, it naturally fits in the palm of your hand, making it comfortable to lift, right? This is why lifting 250 pounds on a barbell feels so much easier than lifting any other 250-pound object: the atlas stone.

Are fat gripz worth investing? 

So we have talked about the basics of fat gripz, now it’s time to find if they are worth your money. The best way to predict the worthiness is to understand the benefits and limitations of the tool. 

There are some factors that strongly advocate the investment in fat grips, let’s have a look

1- Enhanced muscle activation with fat grips

Increasing the barbell thickness increases the difficulty level by removing grip strength.

The grip is one of the strongest neurological stabilizers in the human body and is good for compound strength but BAD for isolation work.

Eliminating the grip in the lift forces the muscle to work harder and engage more muscle tissue to do the work.
Whether you’re doing biceps curls, lat pulldowns, or lateral raises of the shoulders, you’ll be able to feel superior muscle activation.

2- Develop stronger forearm fat grips

A regular 1-inch barbell fits easily in your palm and doesn’t really challenge your grip strength to hold the weight.

Fat gripz is hard to grasp because you can’t close your palms in a fully locked position and have to lift the weight in a half-closed grip. Because of the semi-closed grip, you have to squeeze the oil grip harder, which helps with far superior forearm activation.

Fat gripz provides stronger forearms because your grip needs to be constantly working to keep the weight in the right position.

3- Prevention of injuries by reducing joint stress

Fat gripz can help prevent joint stress for several reasons:

  • Help spread resistance more evenly
  • Increases muscle engagement, relieving pressure on joints
  • Increases the difficulty of the exercise without getting super heavy.
  • Better muscle activation leads to far superior mind and muscle connectivity, ultimately reducing the chance of injury.

4- Stronger contraction

Fat gripz makes it harder to grip the bar, which forces the lifter to squeeze the bar harder, resulting in far superior contraction.

Whether you’re talking about pushing moves or pulling moves, the fat grip will definitely help you get stronger contraction by increasing muscle activation and engagement.

5- Versatile applications

A versatile piece of equipment that can be used for a wide variety of exercises, whether you’re doing strength training, bodybuilding, or gymnastics, the fat gripz will definitely benefit your training routine.

Including fat gripz in your workout routine will help your chest workout, back workout, arm workout, forearm strength, shoulder health, etc. will benefit. What else can you expect from a $30 workout gear?

Additionally, the fat gripz is a great alternative to the thick stick that can be easily carried in a gym bag.

6- Stronger deadlift

Strong forearms look nice, but there are so many more benefits to it. The strong grip benefits your lifting abilities and helps you lift heavier in the gym.

The forearms are the most underrated muscle group, neglected by most lifters. Increasing grip strength increases the recruitment of muscle tissues, which helps lift heavier weights and break plateaus.

Incorporating fat gripz into your workout routine will strengthen your grip without dedicating separate sessions to your forearm workout.

7- Bigger chest

While most experts talk about the benefits of fat grip for larger arms, it’s more than just a tool for bigger arms.

Can you use fat gripz for the chest?

It’s one of the best ways to work your chest without over-stressing your joints. Even four-time Olympia champion Jay Cutler recommends using a fat grip when bench pressing. Pay attention to the video below.


Not for heavy lifts

Fat gripz helps you increase strength, but doesn’t allow you to lift heavy, it actually reduces the lifter’s ability to lift heavy.

Lifters who train for maximum strength should only use fat grips when choosing exercises to help them increase their strength over the long term.

Final Thoughts

Are fat gripz worth it? Probably YES, Fat Gripz is worth every penny, it’s a versatile lifting tool that offers a lot of benefits like improved strength, stronger muscle contraction, muscle activation, bigger forearms, mind-muscle connection, and injury prevention. You cant expect more from a $30 workout tool.

Fat Gripz Full Rating

4.8 out of 5 stars (13,921) ratings

Product Price:$29.95

By feature

Versatility– 4.94
Durability– 4.94
Sturdiness– 4.94
Stability– 4.84
Range of motion-4.84
Easy to use– 4.84

Are Fat Gripz Worth It? Fat Gripz In-Depth Review

Fat Gripz FAQ: 

1- Should I Take Regular Fat Gripz or Extremes?

The difference lies in the thickness, Normal oil grip provides 2.2 inch OD thickness while Fat gripz extreme offers 2.75 inch OD.
Fat Gripz extreme was introduced as an enhanced version of regular fat gripz with higher difficulty levels

2- Should I use fat gripz for every workout?

Fat gripz should not be used in every workout or every workout, but rather should be applied strategically in training.
To reap the benefits of thick bar training, 1-2 exercises of every workout routine should include fat grips, but not for every workout

3- Which fat gripz is the best?

Normal fat gripz is the best option for a start, there are other alternatives in the online market but I found Fat Gripz the best

4- When to use Fat gripz?

Fat gripz can be used with any upper body workout that requires barbells or dumbbells.
Instead of using a fat gripz for each exercise, we highly recommend using a fat grip for 1-2 workouts as doing the entire workout with fat gripz will put a strain on your forearms.

Hey guys, thanks for reading. We worked really hard to compile this article, your feedback would be greatly appreciated.

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