Coenzyme Q10 Guide: Side effects and Benefit Coenzyme q10

There are many claims about coenzyme Q10 Supplement. Let’s look at the claims, benefits, and harms of coenzyme Q10 and how to use coenzyme Q10? Let’s answer the question together.

I’ve been receiving a lot of questions about coenzyme q10 for a long time. Along with these questions, there were several studies I awaited the results to prepare a guide for you. Finally, the studies have been concluded and now I can prepare a good guide on coenzyme q10.

In fact, coenzyme q10 Supplement. is in the “good for everything” group of many so-called experts and they say it without hesitation. For this reason, the article may be a little long, as I have to deal with many topics. It will probably be so, but it will be worth it; be sure.

What is coenzyme q10 in this article? What does coenzyme q10 do? To the question, how to use coenzyme q10? I will touch on many issues from the question to the benefits and harms of coenzyme q10 and answer the questions.

If you are ready we go!

What is coenzyme Q10?

Due to its coenzyme q10 structure, it is often referred to as pseudovitamin, or “fake vitamin”. It takes part in the electron transport chain in the mitochondria, the energy production center of the cell, and helps ATP production.

The term ATP may sound foreign to you. I can simply explain it like this.

Almost 95% of the energy used by your body is met from ATPs. So coenzyme q10 helps produce almost all of your energy.

For this reason, q10, which is absolutely necessary for your survival, is present in significant amounts in many foods. Small amounts are enough for your body, allowing you to survive even when not taken from outside.

But its existence is absolutely necessary for the survival of life.

In addition, Cq10 is not resistant to high temperatures. For this reason, serious losses are seen especially during boiling and frying.

Another feature is that Cq10 has a lipophilic structure that is soluble in fat. For this reason, it is better transported and transmitted when consumed with a food rich in fats.

So far, I may have filled your head with a lot of unhappy theoretical information. There is much more, but this is essential for you to understand the issue and make the right decision about Cq10 supplementation.

We come to the pleasant part, the use of coenzyme q10!

What does coenzyme Q10 do?

There are many mechanisms to explain regarding Cq10 . It is possible to see a study that associates almost all healthy living elements with Cq10 levels. While some of them are really well designed and give positive results, some of them failed in my eyes.

I’ll just list the issues, claims, and implications that pass the class. Ready to sail into the world of Cq10 ?

If your answer is yes, keep reading!

1. Coenzyme Q10 and long life

Increasing life expectancy is a huge claim. Because life span is a subject that is controlled by many mechanisms and where genetics are at the center of the business. For this reason, I cannot say that any supplements directly extend the life span at the moment.

In addition, Cq10 stands out in terms of extending life expectancy. In animal studies, there are studies showing that increasing Cq10 density at the cell level with different mechanisms indirectly increases the life span.

As such, it is possible that coenzyme q10 is preferred by individuals who strive to extend their lifespan.

My suggestion is not to approach the situation too positively and not to make serious investments. But if you want to use a supplement that serves the purpose of longevity, one of them could be Cq10 .

2. Heart diseases with Cq10

Some of the research I expected to conclude was showing the effect of coenzyme q10 on heart failure. Actually, the results are incredibly positive.

Actually, the logic is pretty simple. We are talking about a structure that works intensely like the heart and seriously produces and consumes energy. This structure is rich in Cq10 , which is involved in the energy production mechanism. Therefore, blood is directly affected by Cq10 levels.

I think I will clarify the subject more with good research.

Research 1

The study is conducted on 420 participants (mean age 62.3 years, with cardiovascular disease). Participants are divided into two and the first group is given 100 mg of coenzyme q10 three times a day. The other group is given the same-looking placebo three times a day.

Participants are studied for two years. After two years,

  • Patients who did not take Cq10 experienced more cardiovascular events than patients who received coenzyme q10 (16% versus 9%).
  • Deaths from all diseases were found to be higher in patients who did not take coenzyme q10 compared to patients who did (18% versus 10%),

As a result, the use of coenzyme q10 reduces the risk of recurring cardiovascular events, especially in patients with underlying cardiovascular disease.

In addition, statins, which are frequently used in cardiovascular diseases and help to lower blood cholesterol, seriously reduce blood Cq10 levels. For this reason, I strongly recommend Cq10 supplementation to protect more cardiovascular health in individuals using statins.

However, coenzyme q10 is seen as a very logical choice in hypertensive patients that cause many chronic diseases. Because Cq10 , which helps maintain the nitric oxide activity that helps vasodilation, can lower the average blood pressure in patients with uncontrolled hypertension.

3. Exercise performance with Cq10

Since I often get questions about the relationship between Cq10 and exercise performance, I wanted to include this topic in particular. Contrary to popular belief,Cq10 does not improve performance in exercises that require short and explosive power.

There is no logical mechanism of action to consider here.

However, it has been shown to increase the duration of exhaustion in the elderly population (65+) and athletes with ultra-long exercise disciplines (such as marathons, ironman). It can also be used to remove superoxide molecules released by the antioxidant capacity of Cq10 .

As a result, Cq10 supplementation, which will not directly affect the performance of athletes, may provide minimal benefit when used in the right area.

Coenzyme Q10 Guide: Side effects and Benefit Coenzyme q10

4. Coenzyme Q10 and chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia

I’m sure you know many people whose cause is unknown and who are constantly tired. Since these types of problems do not constitute serious complaints, they are one of the problems we witness from the window between existence and absence. But it is a situation that should definitely be examined and categorized as “syndrome”.

Although there have been many studies on this subject, the most striking for me was the response of people with chronic fatigue syndrome to coenzyme q10 supplementation. Because in a study, 69% of people using q10 describe a decrease in their fatigue symptoms.

Of course, although it is a subjective study, it can be safely preferred especially in undiagnosed cases.

The real issue is fibromyalgia. Because it is a disease that is as difficult to treat as its diagnosis and it is common in women. All the fibromyalgia patients I see have tried almost all the solutions and get my opinion.

Since there is not a single problem, often a single solution proposal is useless. It is absolutely necessary for more than one department to support each other with more than one treatment.Cq10 is one of these treatments.

Pain associated with cardiovascular diseases can also be classified as fibromyalgia. Coenzyme q10 has been shown to have serious benefits for all pain in this class. For this reason, the first supplemental Cq10  to be preferred in chronic muscle/joint pain in cardiovascular diseases.

Because studies have reported that patients suffering from fibromyalgia have decreased complaints in the last three months following the use of Cq10 . This is a very promising situation.

5. Natural coenzyme Q10 sources

You don’t just depend on supplements to buy coenzyme q10. Some foods are rich in Cq10 . Examining the table below will help you choose food.

FoodCoenzyme Q10 content per 100 grams of food
Chicken heart9.2 mg
Chicken livers11.6 mg
Beef heart11.3 mg
Broccoli0.59 mg
Soybean1.2 mg
Butter0.71 mg
Extra virgin olive oil11.2 mg
Egg yolk0.52 mg
Avocado0.95 mg
Peanut2.67 mg
Pistachio2 mg

Should I use coenzyme Q10?

As you can see, there are many areas where Cq10 can be used outside of cosmetics. Here, determining the necessity of use is the main problem. Because almost all of the requirements I handle require a medical diagnosis.

In this case, using unnecessary Cq10 alone and without any need will cause possible waste.

In addition, coenzyme q10 may require careful handling in some cases.

  • It may reduce the effectiveness of warfarin, which has blood-thinning properties.
  • Some people may experience hypersensitivity reactions such as liver enzyme elevation, fatigue, and sensitivity to light.

As a result, the use of Cq10 should definitely be done on the doctor’s advice and in an appropriate situation.

How much is Q10 and how is it used?

Although there is a wide dose range for coenzyme q10, safe and effective treatment is often divided into three portions, taking 100 mg each time. It would be best to consume this intake 30 minutes before meals.

In addition, since many different foods have interaction with absorption, I recommend that the intake should be made only with water.

Is Coenzyme Q10 harmful?

The dosage range of coenzyme q10 is very wide. Although there are no side effects in doses up to 1000 mg per day, I never recommend it in practice.

In addition, many studies do not recommend the use of coenzyme q10 for pregnant and breastfeeding women.

As a result, coenzyme q10, when used correctly, can help treat many diseases and delay aging mechanisms. But use should always be with the supervision and advice of the physician.

The page content is for informational purposes only. Items containing information about therapeutic healthcare services are not included in the content of the page. Consult your physician for diagnosis and treatment.

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