Cold green tea recipe

In the summer, I continue my refreshing drink recipes… In this article, I have a cold green tea recipe that I drink mug; but this is not the green tea you know. I’m here with an iced or cold green tea recipe with jasmine and lots of fruit!
In the summer, everyone suffers from thirst. We do not drink water properly, please drink plenty of water first of all. Let’s not drink carbonated drinks, processed, synthetic things to quench our thirst. That’s why I decided to prepare a refreshing and antioxidant-packed green tea drink for you, which I love very much. So what are we gonna do?

I have two green teas that I love at home. One of them is the green tea of ​​Chinese, I will add 2-3 balls of this to the recipe. This is a very sharp green tea, you only need to add three balls as it will taste bitter. The other is Ronnafeldt’s favorite green tea blend, lightly flavored. I’ll add about a spoonful of that too. Then we will brew a little, cool it with ice, and add the fruits to it. With these ingredients, we will prepare a nice, punchy drink or a Sangria flavor that the Spanish make with white and red wine. It’s refreshing and the flavor is great!

Cold green tea recipe

I don’t know about you, but I love fruits; especially summer fruits. Of course, the fruits in winter are separate, but in summer there is not much fruit. Pomegranate, tangerine, orange, apple… But summer fruits are truly magnificent. Sugary and juicy… Well, have you ever wondered why summer fruits are so sweet and juicy? Actually, you have to think logically. In the summer heat, our body is very dehydrated, so the fruits and vegetables that come out in every season have a different benefit on human health. Summer fruits are extra sugary and juicy to increase your energy, increase your sugar and quench your thirst.


  • 3 balls of green tea
  • 1 tablespoon Ronnafeldt’s green tea mix
  • 200 ml water
  • 1 orange
  • 1/2 green apple
  • 1/2 pear
  • ice
  • honey (optional)

How is it done?

In a bowl, we take the green tea balls and then the other green tea mixture, add hot water to it and brew it for 5 minutes. While the tea is brewing, let’s prepare the fruits in the meantime. After washing the orange well with its peel, we slice it and cut it into cubes. In the same way, we wash and chop the pear and green apple together with the peel.

After the tea is brewed and cooled, we remove the ice from the freezer. Next, we take the fruits into a jug. At this stage, you can also add honey to sweeten it a bit. We pour green tea on the fruits and add ice to it, add some water, and mix. Then, we keep it in the refrigerator for a little longer to find its aroma.

Cold green tea recipe

Hope you liked the recipe. As you can see, making refreshing drinks is not difficult at all. You can also prepare it with regular black tea. See you!

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