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The following explanation is our attempt to fully comply with FTC’s policy, which requests us to be transparent about all affiliate relationships we may have on this website. In simple English, the visitor or customer should assume that all links on this site are linked links.

If you click on these links and visit the resulting site, a cookie is set that will cause us to receive an “IF” commission if you purchase a product on the other side of your web browser. This is a legitimate way to monetize and pay for the operation of websites, and we gladly reveal our affiliate relationships with you.

We also fully explain that the hyperlinks on this site are shortened in most cases and in some cases are hidden to hide long ugly connections for functionality and tracking. We have nothing to hide and we are proud of our relationship with the good sellers, products, and services on this site. Link tracking, shortening, and hiding is very common practice on all types of websites.

In addition, we do not directly receive physical products or cash for any reviews or posts you find on this site. Nobody paid us to comment or post.

The following represents a more legally expressed document, but basically it specifies the same information provided in the English Translation above.

As directed by the FEDERAL COMMERCIAL COMMISSION (see 16 CFR Section 255) – Guidelines for the Use of Approvals and Testimonies in Advertising, the purpose of this policy is to establish any compensatory relationship between the site owner and affiliate networks. M4trix, Maxweb, Clickbank, Commission Junction, Google, Sale, and each vendor and site owner have established a partnership relationship.

For questions about this website, please contact info@growbigzen.com

This website may accept cash advertising, sponsorship, paid attachments, or other forms of compensation from time to time.

Owners of this website are compensated through various affiliate programs, and some content provides opinions on products, services, websites, and various other topics. Although the owners (s) of this website may receive affiliate compensation for reviews or advertisements, we always provide our honest views, findings, beliefs, or experiences on these issues or products. The opinions and opinions expressed on this website are only the website itself. Any product request, statistics, quotation, or other representation related to a product or service must be verified with the manufacturer, provider, or party in question.

How does visiting an affiliate site affect me?

Due to the nature of affiliate marketing, when you click on an affiliate link, you will be directed to the seller’s own website. This means that regardless of whether you are visiting the website directly or through an affiliate, you will see the same result.

You pay the same purchase price for goods/services, so going through an affiliate site has no direct effect on your purchase. All our affiliates operate in accordance with our best practice framework and therefore we ensure tight consumer transparency.

However, if you think you have been misled by an affiliate website, please contact us…

Affiliate links.

growbigzen.com has participated in a health-related affiliate advertising program designed to provide sites a way for them to earn advertising fees by advertising them and linking them to Amazon and max web.
Affiliate Program. In addition, growbigzen.com participates in Google AdSense and other affiliate programs, and sometimes we charge commissions through purchases made through our links.

Product affiliate links

If you click on a product affiliate link and purchase the product, I will get a percentage of the sale or another type of compensation. Again, prices are no different if you use these affiliate links. You will not pay any more by clicking on the link. These links are not “pay per click”

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