Does Keratin Grow Hair? What Are Fast Hair Growth Methods?

Does Keratin Grow Hair: Keratin protein is responsible for 90% of the hair, while the other 10% consists of moisture in normal hair. Moisture gives the hair softness, flexibility, manageability, and elasticity; it is what makes hair grow.

Keratin is a very important protein for hair growth. Because when the hair is damaged, the most damaged structure is keratin. Therefore, having healthy hair and hair extension techniques including keratin treatment is the most effective method. What is keratin that prevents the hair from being damaged and provides durability, does keratin prolong hair, is it possible to care for keratin at home, let’s see together.

What is Keratin?

Does Keratin Grow Hair: The term keratin is used to refer to an entire group of proteins for fibrous structures. Keratin molecules come together in bundles to form fibers. These bundles are hard and insoluble. They combine to form the very powerful tissues found in mammals, amphibians, birds, and reptiles. The substance that can be as strong as the tissue created by keratinization is chitin. Chitin is also a type of protein and is found in nails, skin, and hair.

Does Keratin Grow Hair: The Effect of Keratin on Hair

Keratin, a protein, is readily available in hair. Helps dry, chapped, or damaged hair by filling the cracks of the hair cuticle. Since it is an impermeable substance, it acts as a protective layer on the cells. There are many hair care methods based on keratin for damaged and weakened hair. Hair damaged by chemicals and high heat can regain its former strength and vitality thanks to keratin care. Does Keratin Grow Hair:

Does Consuming Protein-Rich Foods Help Strengthen Hair?

Keratin is also the solution for short hair because it repairs the hair as well as strengthens it and helps it grow healthily. As we mentioned at the beginning of the article, keratin is actually a type of protein. This means you need protein for your hair to be healthy and grow strong and fast. Therefore, adding quality proteins to your diet will support your keratin care and make your hair look more glamorous. Consuming too much protein allows new hair to grow faster and nourishes them. However, protein alone will not offer a solution if the essential vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients are not consumed enough. In short, having a balanced diet is key.

Simple Hair Extension Techniques

Does Keratin Grow Hair: Easy steps like using a different hairbrush, adjusting the temperature of the hairdryer, or even sleeping on a silk pillowcase can help hair grow healthier. You can give a chance to the following 3 methods that will make hair grow faster:

1) Hair Massage

Hair follicles can be stimulated by massaging the hair, which can contribute to faster hair growth. Massaging the hair increases the blood flow in the head, increases the strength of the hair follicles, and accelerates the reaching of the beneficial parts of the nutrients to the hair follicles. You can message directly without using any ingredients, but better to massage it with nourishing oil. If your hair is not too oily, you can massage your hair and scalp with essential oils even every two days. Used for centuries, rosemary and coconut oil nourish and revitalize your hair. Pure keratin serum or keratin oil are ideal products for hair massage. Massages you will do with these products will help your hair grow while it nourishes.

2) Make a Mask

You can try an egg yolk mask to prevent hair breakage. On average, hair grows by about half 1cm per month, but the main determinant of this ratio is how the hair is cared for. During the extension period, if the hair starts to break before it crosses the shoulders, an egg mask can be your savior. Eggs contain proteins that strengthen, nourish and heal hair strands. Even high sulfur content can prevent dandruff problems. To make the mask, two eggs are mixed with two tablespoons of olive oil. The mask is applied directly to dry and brushed hair and clears after 30 minutes.

3) Castor Oil Treatment

Castor oil is a vegetable oil that has been used in hair care for centuries. He is also the unknown hero of the hair world. This natural oil, which is not well known for its benefits, kills the infections in the scalp that prevent hair growth. It helps to retain moisture in the hair. You can get healthy and long hair with a hair massage with castor oil.

Does Keratin Grow Hair? What Are Fast Hair Growth Methods?

Keratin treatment is one of the most successful treatments applied to restore hair health. Keratin
care is a revolutionary solution to dry, bouncy and unmanageable hair. Keratin
is a powerful protein compound found naturally in all of our hair. The
natural keratin in the hair, which gives the hair its strength, strength, flexibility, and even color, wears and decreases over time and with the effect of external conditions.
Old age, excessive chemical treatment, and continuous use of hair products damage keratin and therefore hair.
What is keratin, what does keratin do, as we briefly mentioned; What are the benefits of
keratin, and why keratin care is important? Does Keratin Grow Hair:

What Are the Keratin Care Benefits?

  • The amount of keratin in the body is already decreasing with age. When
  • external factors such as air pollution, heat applied to shape the hair, and chemicals used to change hair color are
  • added to this, the keratin structure in the hair is damaged. Damage to keratin means damaged, dull, shapeless, and unhealthy hair.
  • As a solution to all of this, hair experts have
  • already found a way to inject pure keratin into the hair strands with a keratin treatment. Basically, with the keratin treatment, this protein is re-injected
  • into the hair, thus creating a brand new layer on the hair. This process relaxes and strengthens the hair.
  • and revitalizes the hair by repairing the damaged keratin structure. Result; It is
  • healthy hair that regains its former softness, color, and vitality.
  • Keratin care can be done by professional hairdressers. However, you
  • can easily do this treatment at home if you have the right products.

How to Care Keratin at Home?

With Liquid Keratin’s home keratin care sets, you can recreate your hair in the comfort of your home.
Thin hair care, oily hair care, burnt hair care, dry and dull hair care, and highlighted hair care, in
short, with formulas and packages, developed separately for each hair type
After you get the keratin care set suitable for your structure, you can start the maintenance process.
Keratin treatment is a time-consuming process and requires you to follow the different stages correctly.
Keratin treatment is applied by following these steps:
1) The hair is washed thoroughly.
Special shampoos without salt or sulfate can be used to thoroughly clean the scalp and remove residues and oils from the scalp. This step
is applied to get the hair ready for treatment. The hair should be as clean as possible. Thus, the substances used in the treatment are
ensured to be absorbed by the hair.
2) Hair is completely dried or left slightly moist. After this stage, the hair is
ready for keratin care.
3) Pure keratin serum is used for treatment.
Serum continues to be applied until you are sure that each strand of hair is covered with keratin.
4) After the hair is covered with keratin serum, it waits for a while so that absorption takes place. Depending
on the hair structure, this stage may take up to an hour. Afterward, the hair
is thoroughly washed with warm and plenty of water and dried in order to clean all the serum in the hair.

5) As a final step, the keratin mask is applied to damp hair. After waiting 15 minutes, the hair is
rinsed with warm water.
You can apply this process twice a week until your hair is fully treated. Post-treatment care
is as important as the treatment itself.

Here are the things that should definitely not be done after the treatment :

1) Washing or styling the hair: In the first three days after the treatment, the hair should not
be washed and tied and should not be shaped. If the hair is washed, the
benefit that can be obtained from the treatment may be lost
2) Using cheap shampoo or conditioner: After the treatment, your hair will be shiny and lively for a long time.
one should invest in the best shampoos and conditioners. It
can take any hair care products that contain sulfate and sodium chloride; Hair
should be protected after washing with keratin conditioner.
3) Using purifying shampoos: Shampoos that deeply cleanse the hair to the roots are
a disadvantage after treatment. Because they minimize the benefit that can be obtained from the treatment.
4) Washing the hair frequently: After the keratin treatment, the hair should be washed at long intervals. Frequent washing
removes natural oils from the hair strands and scalp, causing it to be dry. The same is
true for hair treated with keratin. If the hair is washed daily, any applied
treatment is only worn out early. Therefore, using dry shampoo
can save appearance during this period. Because dry shampoo does not damage the hair and
keeps a nice smell in the hair.
5) Doing excessive physical activity: Three days must be
waited to go to the gym after treatment. When you start going, the first two weeks should not exceed a few times. Because excessive
sweating damages the treatment and hair. Because washing should also be minimized.

6) Dyeing or bleaching the hair: If it is desired to dye the hair, this
should be done before keratin treatment. Because dyeing the hair after the treatment
causes the color to not fully penetrate the hair.

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