Everything You Need to Know About Kissing

How do you evaluate yourself when it comes to kissing? Do you think you know how to kiss? Let us give you detailed information about kissing.

It is known as 2500 BC before the first year of kissing. This date is determined by the information we have obtained from the stories of the primitive tribes in India. But can we really manage to kiss?

Kissing is more than touching.

You use 34 facial muscles along with 134 muscles that you work on different parts of your body while kissing.

There is even a branch of science called ‘philematology’ that studies to investigate this phenomenon. Its purpose is to investigate human reactions during kissing.

Regardless of your gender, it’s normal for everyone to experience tense and anxious moments before kissing someone.

You worry about your performance, you doubt whether you really know how to kiss, and other concerns will blow your mind, for example: do I use too much language, can I warm your lip, how much should the saliva amount be?

You would definitely not want it to be a bad experience.

In this article, we will provide various information about kissing.

Everything You Need to Know About Kissing

About Kissing

Your tasting, touching and smelling senses become active while kissing. This creates an emotional and chemical reaction among the kissing people.

Also, some substances are released through your saliva.

There are three hormones responsible for the feeling of happiness that comes after kissing: oxytocin, dopamine, and endorphins.

But just because you like kissing doesn’t mean you’re doing it right.

Delivering real shock to your body requires a mental bond and physical attraction; Experts say that this is similar to taking an overdose of amphetamine.

Read carefully the tips we will tell you about kissing so that you can surprise your partner next time.

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Physical and mental communication

A person who attracts you does not affect you, because you find certain features of it beautiful; you see that person from a subjective perspective.

This type of attraction allows you to maintain your desire and interest in that person, but if you only focus on their physical characteristics, you will be tired of kissing that person.

The key is to mentally retreat to that person; that’s why you like their behavior and ways of thinking.

You also like to talk to him, laugh, and discuss each other on many topics.

When you fall in love with someone’s mind, you want to kiss him whenever you want because there is a strong emotional bond between you.

Everything You Need to Know About Kissing

The right place

Many people can approach their partners in a private area. So he can see this as an opportunity to approach.

Remember, it’s an art and inspiring experience to set the atmosphere you want to kiss. This way you can communicate in a different way.

The common feelings of both of you are strengthening because only you are there, no one else.

It’s also easier to get caught when nobody can see you.

The right moment

This is not just about your approach to that person, but also how you apply it. It is also important to consider eye contact.

When your eyes meet, try to understand what this means and pay attention to the person’s body language.

It is an obvious fact that it is necessary to seduce the person before kissing. Is it the right time now?

If the person is doing these, it means ready: he tries to touch you, his breathing speeds up, he looks at your attention.

Everything You Need to Know About Kissing

Warning: Does it wet your lips?

  • This is a natural reaction of someone who is nervous or unsure of his face and probably shows that he wants to kiss you.
  • But be careful! Body language may tell you that you don’t want to be kissed. It is best not to enter the private area if it maintains a distance from you or crosses your arms while you are next to you.

Not to rush

The main thing is to follow the breadcrumbs until you find your partner. Be soft and slow when reaching your lips.

You can start by putting a light kiss on the collarbone, neck, or ear, and whispering pleasant words into your ear.

Be careful not to use excessive tongue or saliva.

When it reaches your lips, try putting in small kisses. After doing this, you should open your lips and increase the intensity of kissing.

To be careful

Why are people kissing? Because we want to have a good time with our partner and kissing is an action that allows us to get to know each other better, to learn what we love and what we do not like.

Therefore, it is important to study the details and pay attention to the other person’s feelings.

Decide if you can really kiss while evaluating.

On the other hand, do not forget about other movements.

It is a good time to touch your hair, caress your back, and feel your face with your fingertips. When you specialize in this technique, leave the rest to your creativity.

The benefits of knowing how to kiss, About Kissing

✅Coping with Stress
✅It improves the appearance of your skin.
✅Lowers cholesterol level
✅It also helps prevent tooth decay.
✅Improves blood circulation
✅In addition, it allows you to burn calories
✅It is a natural treatment for depression
✅Eventually reduces pain

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