Extreme stretching exercises for flexibility

Extreme Stretching: Instead of prioritizing leg training, Phil Heath’s biggest change in 2020 was to focus more on stretching. “I realized I had to stretch more to make room for new muscles,” he said the night he received his sixth Sandow award. Others also decided to follow Phil’s strategy. In fact, what we call extreme stretching is an essential element of the Doggcrapp education system. Our bet is on warm-up and stretching exercises, and let’s explain how to “turn around” for further expansion of muscle groups.

The Contribution of Dural Stretching to Muscle Growth

Excessive Extreme Stretching Principles

  • Take the maximum stretch position and hold the position for 60-90 seconds.
  • Stretch the muscle group after exercise.
  • This type of stretching increases mobility and promotes muscle growth.
  • Perform one or two stretches per muscle group in each workout.
extreme stretching exercises for flexibility

Stretch Right

There are two types of stretching: dynamic and dural (static). Dynamic extensions are based on motion. Examples are movements such as lifting and rotating the trunk. Since these stretches increase mobility in exercises, they should be done during warm-up or between sets. Dural extensions are immobile. When you take the right position with your body, you will be steady where you stand. These stretches should be done when tendons and muscles are the most flexible and soft. So do this after training, not before.

Intense dural stretches can do more than increase flexibility. Studies on birds show that these stresses cause hyperplasia in muscle cells, that is, excessive eye growth and enable these cells to divide and multiply.

Another theory suggests that the enlargement of the fascia, the top layer of supporting tissue surrounding the muscles, increases growth as it further facilitates the ensuing expansion. Some bodybuilders, including Heath, have deep tissue massages to loosen their fascia, but you can also achieve this by doing dural stretching. In fact, this technique was called fascia stretching when it was first popularized by John Parillo in the ’90s. Dante Trudel, the creator of the Doggcrapp (DC) system, calls Parillo the father of extreme tension. David Henry, who has worked with the DC technique for years, stretches excessively at every workout.

extreme stretching exercises for flexibility

Excessive flexion brings the muscle to the position of maximum extension and holds it there for 60 to 90 seconds. Of course, we don’t want you to sprain your joints just because I will stretch them completely, but it will definitely hurt. If it doesn’t hurt, you’re not doing it right. Overstretching can be done with weights, mattresses, and lower equipment, or simply by your body weight and willingness to hurt yourself.


Buy a pair of dumbbells that are slightly heavier than the ones you use in the flye movement. Lie on the inclined table and lower the dumbbells as if to fly. Lower and hold this position as much as possible; your hands should be at a wider angle than your elbows. When your strength begins to run out, bring your hands inward, and imitate the lowest position of the pressing motion. Another breast lift is the stretching procedure performed by leaning one of your forearms against a vertical bar and rotating your body to the maximum, stretching the chest muscle excessively. Don’t forget to do it with your other forearm and stretch your other chest muscles.


You can stretch your wing muscles simply by hanging them on the chin-up or pull rod. If necessary, add weight and try. To do something similar: hold a vertical stick with both hands, stand close to the bar, and then lie down to support your body weight with maximally stretched wing muscles. Experiment holding the rod from above or below; different grip moves to different parts of the wings.

extreme stretching exercises for flexibility


Grasp the ankle supports of the inverted bar, put your feet in front of you, bend your knees and take a position as if you were sitting in the air. Bend your arms. Then roll your shoulders forward and down until you feel the maximum tension. Stay in this position. You can also do this stretching by “sitting” parallel to the table on one side.


Again on the table with the reverse slope, place the top of one of your ankles on the ankle support, bend your knee back and press the other foot on the floor. Stretch the quads of your bent leg to the maximum extent by pushing your hips back and your front knee down. Repeat on the other side. Another quad-stretch: On electric rack equipment, grasp the bar at hip height and crouch down as far as possible. Then, while lying down, bring your knees forward and find the maximum squatting position. Stay in this position and resist the pain.


The best stretch for the hamstring muscles is runner tension with restricted range of motion, but you need to increase the intensity while doing this. Set the bar to hip height on the squat equipment or Smith machine. Put one of your ankles on the horizontal bar and keep this leg straight, press down until you feel the maximum tension and stay in this position. Repeat with the other leg.


Put your toes on a standing calf machine or ladder, then lower your body as low as possible. Stay in this position. You can also do this movement with one foot.


You can stretch your biceps muscles just like you do in the chest. Grasp a vertical stick with one hand and rotate your shoulder until you feel maximum tension in the biceps while keeping this arm straight. Repeat with the other arm. Another move that stretches your biceps so well is to keep your arm straight by building a horizontal bar behind your waist like a Smith machine. Then lower your body as if you were crouching.


Hold a barbell with one hand and lower it behind your head as if doing a one-arm triceps extension. Lower it as much as possible and stay in this position. The triceps muscles are also stretched very well with the lower bars. Keep your torso perpendicular to the ground and stand at the lowest point of your lower position. Stay in this position and resist the pain.

Extreme Stretching Tips

  • Stretch the targeted muscle to the maximum without putting your joints in abnormal positions.
  • To be effective, you must feel pain.
  • Gradually increase your stamina until it reaches 60-90 seconds.
  • Scrub the area after each stretch.

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