Fat burning supplements in the doctor’s eyes

Want to see fat-burning supplements through a doctor’s eyes? Here is the hero of the slimming adventure with fat burners, fat burners, and my thoughts.

If you are trying to lose weight, you may have considered taking fat-burning supplements. Because almost everyone says that a fat burner is a must for weight loss.

But the situation is different. If you still haven’t taken a fat burner, do not decide before reading this article. I will examine the active ingredients in Fat burning supplements or products, list their effects, and talk about what you need to do.

I do not want to make you wait any longer.

If you are ready we go!

What’re inside fat-burning supplements?

Fat burners generally do not contain a single active ingredient. It is easy to detect. Check out the fat burners on any supplement site and witness the active ingredient soup they create.

So does this ingredient soup really work?

Yes, too many people. Because there is a product sales link under the articles they write and the videos they shoot, and they earn a good amount of money on you. With the hope of losing weight, you are giving your money to the active ingredient soup.

But I have no such intention. Therefore, I will give you the most accurate fat burner review.

To do this, I examined the fat burners in the domestic and foreign markets and listed the most frequently used active ingredients for you. So you can understand what they all “really” do.

Let’s start to examine it.

Fat burning supplements in the doctor's eyes

Fat burning supplements

1. L-Carnitine

L-carnitine carries the fats in the cell to the mitochondrial organelle, which is the energy production center. Also, your cells naturally contain l-carnitine.

The problem is, up to a point, the l-carnitine needed for fat burning is readily available in your cells. So only during extreme exercise or calorie restriction, additional l-carnitine helps you.

So l-carnitine doesn’t help everyone lose weight.

My fat burner rating for L-carnitine: 4/5, good. Because it is effective when used correctly.

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2. CLA

CLA has two different types of chemicals. While the first of these two structures has little effect on fat burning, it increases insulin resistance. The other group increases the fat burning very little. In other words, it is possible to suffer from increased insulin resistance while using CLA.

It also does not mention what type of CLA found in any fat burner product on the market.

In addition, studies show that the CLA effect can vary from person to person. Therefore, CLA is not a good choice for fat burning.

My fat burner rating for CLA: is 2/5, bad. Because CLA has little effect on fat burning.

3. Caffeine

Caffeine can aid in fat burning by increasing circulation and increasing the average heart rate. I can even say that it is the most effective among fat-burning agents.

The problem is the effect of caffeine consumption on sleep and cortisol metabolism. Because caffeine can disturb sleep, especially in non-resistant individuals, and its intake in the evening can increase cortisol release.

As a result, caffeine works, but it is not suitable for use at all hours of the day.

My fat burner rating for caffeine: 4/5, good. Because the mentioned effects are real and help fat burning.

4. Green tea extract

Green tea is used for its fat-burning effect and increasing metabolic rate. Although some of the studies conducted here show that green tea increases the metabolic rate by 4% and fat burning by up to 17%, some other studies state that there is no effect.

Because green tea is closely related to nutrition and exercise. Therefore, it does not make sense to embark on a green tea adventure, the result of which you do not know.

My fat burner grade for green tea: 3/5, average. Because it does not give the same result for everyone.

5. Citrus extract

Citrus extract (citrus Aurantium) contains small amounts of “synephrine”. This substance is similar to ephedrine, a banned and harmful active ingredient.

In addition, studies show that citrus extract increases metabolic rate.

So citrus extract can help fat burn. But regular and high-dose use can harm cardiovascular health.

My fat burner grade for citrus extract: 1/5, very bad. Because citrus extract increases blood pressure and has potentially harmful side effects.

6. Red pepper extract

There is capsaicin in the red pepper extract. This ingredient is the same thing that makes you fry, hot, and feel more energetic after eating chili.

Its effects are to increase blood flow, accelerate metabolism, and release fat from the tissue. It does this by increasing adrenaline release. So really red pepper extract works.

My fat-burning grade for the red pepper extract: is 4/5, good. Because of incorrect consumption, red pepper extract helps to burn fat without causing any health problems. It’s also more natural.

7. Taurine

Taurine, which is used to increase performance in athletes, is found in many fat burners. But unfortunately not because of its fat-burning effects.

It is used to reduce cramps and other negative effects due to fat burners. Therefore, the consumption of taurine has no fat-burning effect.

My fat burner rating for Taurine: 0/5, very bad. Because taurine does not have a fat-burning effect.

My recommendations for fat burner buyers

Taking a fat burner can motivate, excite, or give you hope in the weight loss process. But as you can see, fat-burning effects are only possible with certain ingredients.

The most effective fat-burning agents,

  • Caffeine,
  • Green tea extract,
  • Red pepper extract,

Can be listed as. What I want you to know here is that it makes no sense to give tons of money and use fat burners that are a mixture of dozens of different active ingredients.

The correct thing is to take the active ingredients I mentioned one by one naturally. Because the effect of even the best fat burner is quite weak and it is not possible to lose weight without a good diet and exercise.

So I can say that taking caffeine with coffee, drinking green tea, or consuming hot peppers is much healthier than supplements.

My last warning about fat burners – if you are going to buy a fat burner – will be that you should definitely buy familiar, high-quality products that you know what is in them. Remember, the less active ingredient, the less harm.

So what are your thoughts on fat burners? Don’t forget to share it with me.

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