Herbal based native glucosamine support for joint disorders

Herbal-based native glucosamine support for joint disorders: In Dumlupınar University Research Laboratories, a Herbal Glucosaminesupported solution was found for joint disorders that seriously affect people’s daily activities and living standards, make business and daily work unbearable, and even make walking and climbing stairs painful. Glucosamine is the main component of the molecules (hyaluronic acid, chondroitin sulfate, keratan sulfate, heparan, heparin sulphate and dermatan sulphate compounds) that make up the connective tissue in the body, called glucose amino glycans.

Glucose amino glycans; form the structures of intercellular polymer matrixes. These compounds also form epithelial cell secretions, connective tissue, muscle, and cartilages. In recent years, Glucosamine has come to the fore with the use of Glucosamine products as an effective agent in cartilage regeneration and in the treatment of joint disorders in Europe and the USA.

Glucosamine and acetyl derivatives are regularly synthesized in a normal human. However, as glucosamine synthesis slows down in sports, heavy-duty workers, and the elderly, these people’s cartilage and connective tissues wear down. Glucosamine should be taken as a supplement in order to regenerate damaged tissues and to maintain a healthy life.

Glucosamine is found in food supplements in the form of glucosamine hydrochloride, glucosamine sulfate, and N-acetyl glucosamine. These compounds are also usually derived from shark cartilage and shellfish shells. In the use of these products, various side effects are observed in people who use them, both because the products are of animal origin and because of the presence of allergen substances in their components.

In order to reduce these side effects, there was an urgent need for a food supplement obtained from herbal sources and containing only Glucosamine.Herbal based native glucosamine support for joint disorders

Herbal based native glucosamine support for joint disorders

This need is also due to Prof. Dr. It was met by Metin Bülbül and his academic team in Dumlupınar University Research Laboratories as a result of long-term scientific studies. In this study, vegetable sourced Liquid Glucosamine (Liquid Glucosamine) production was achieved by quitting currant. The Liquid Glucosamine obtained has many advantages over other Glucosamine products. These advantages are:

  • It is made from Blackcurrant, which is a natural product, and some plant extracts.
  • Because it is liquid, it is easier to digest than other glucosamine derivatives.
  • As with other food supplements, it is not necessary to use them with diuretic drugs.
  • Liquid Glucosamine taken with diet reaches the liver and tissues through the blood without breaking it down and stimulates the synthesis of cartilage tissue.
  • Since Liquid Glucosamine cannot be broken down to glucose by enzymes, it does not convert to glucose and therefore does not change the blood glucose level, so diabetes patients can also use it easily.
  • Liquid Glucosamine is completely metabolized in the human body and has no toxic effects on the body as there is no waste left behind.
  • Since glucosamine does not interact with other nutrients, it can be taken with any desired beverage and food.

The quality of the Liquid Glucosamine Product; Dumlupınar University, Yeditepe University, and Atatürk University laboratories. In addition, this quality has been verified by the analysis of the Food Analysis Laboratory in Japan, which has International Standards.

It is a product that can be easily used by everyone, including diabetes, blood pressure, and cardiovascular patients, as it does not contain sugar and is classified as non-side effects.

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