How can we fully charge our inner battery?

Nature is like a nuclear power plant that allows you to charge infinitely if you know how to use it. Healers and teachers who use plants are the branches that nature opens up to us.

Herbal remedies take you out of your callous state and set your fire to life. You become excited again for living and strive to heal. They both energize you and guide you to overcome your illness, so you can be stronger than before.

Currently, there is no scientific support behind this claim because there is not enough research, but in my personal experience, for fifteen years, herbal remedies have a direct effect on the central nervous system in making the body healthy again. Of course, there are other benefits too. While your chronic insomnia is being treated, your body will also be able to heal itself. You cannot do this when you are under constant stress.

Be aware that even though the stress environment has been normalized today, it doesn’t have to be that way. This awareness is the first step to recovery. From here, you can switch to a healthy, vibrant, and happy state. Once you commit to this issue, the war is half over.

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