How To Make Hair Grow Fast And Healthy? 14 Tips To Grow Healthy Hair

How To Make Hair Grow Fast And Healthy? Your hair should not only grow fast but also need to be healthy. Your hair may be up to your waist, but if it is thin due to spills, there is no point. Here are How To Make Hair Grow Fast And Healthy? 14 effective methods to grow your hair fast.

1- Stay away from everything that damages

your hair. You should stay away from anything that will prevent healthy hair growth. If you are straightening your hair, you should not straighten or dye your hair from black to platinum blonde. No matter how expensive the products you use and how quality they are, your hair is damaged by these processes.

2- Take care of natural oils

When you regularly apply natural care treatments, your hair roots are nourished and your hair grows healthy and fast. Coconut oil, avocado oil, olive oil, and sweet almond oil provide rapid hair growth, nourishment and moisturize. You can add these oils to your hair care applications.

3- Eat
a healthy diet Eat a healthy diet and drink at least 1.5 liters of water a day for the rapid functioning of metabolism. In addition, you should get essential vitamins and minerals regularly.

4- Comb your
hair Do not be afraid to comb your hair morning and evening. Choose combs with rounded ends that will not damage your hair. This massages your hair speeds up your blood circulation and strengthens your hair. When dry, hair becomes vulnerable to shedding. Take care to comb it when it is moist.

5- Dry with a towel.
If you do not have any health problems, dry your hair with a towel, not with a hairdryer. You can use a towel that absorbs water well. Besides, you should not dry the towel on your hair. This action damages and breaks the hair. You have to make the hair absorb the water with gentler movements.

6- Consume Biotin and Zinc
Biotin is arguably one of the most effective methods for hair growth and thickening. You can take this with natural foods or as a pill. Biotin is a B vitamin found in eggs, milk, soy, and whole grains. When there are problems in the absorption mechanism of the body, vitamin B deficiency occurs and the hair may fall out or grow slowly. Therefore, you can also take biotin in pill form. On the other hand, it supports hair strengthening in zinc. You can take it with food or as a pill.

7- Support natural cures.
Senna and onion cure is very effective in rapid hair growth. Boil a pinch of cassia in half a cup of water for a few seconds. When it cools, add sweet almond oil and a vitamin B bulb. Apply it to the scalp and leave for at least two hours. Apply once a week for 8 weeks.

If the onion cure is, divide the onion into four and place it in a large circumference and add enough water to cover it. After boiling for 4-5 minutes, wait for it to warm and apply it to the scalp. It will be sufficient to apply once or twice a week. For a detailed application, you can check out this article.

8- Avoid using too many products. When you use
too many products, your hair becomes heavy and your scalp does not breathe. You shouldn’t expect miracles from products. Be careful not to use the products you use on the same days.

9- Do not wash your hair too often. Wash your
hair two or three times a week at most. Be careful not to use more than two shampoos a week, the hair is also nourished by its own oil. Frequent washing causes the hair to lose its natural oil.

10- Cut your hair regularly If you
cut your hair up to two inches every two months, you will ensure that your hair grows healthy.

11- Massage
You should massage regularly to increase blood circulation in the scalp. You can apply this by applying pressure to your scalp with your fingertips while shampooing your hair. Thus, the hair roots are strengthened and the hair grows faster.

12- Be aware of your
needs. You should know what your body needs and what is missing. For this, you can first go to the doctor and do a blood test. You cannot repair spills and thin caused by any deficiency with care.

13- Do not collect your hair too tightly
. You should sleep when your hair is open or loosely tied. In the constantly collected hair, the roots weaken, weaken, and cause hair loss.

14- Make a good selection of
hairdressers The hairdressers who will cut your hair ten centimeters when you say not to exceed two centimeters are the architects of the hair that never grows no matter what is done. All the care you do after your hair is cut with a scissors stroke will be wasted. Choose your hairdresser well!

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