How to Use Ginger Tea for Weight Loss?

Ginger tea prepared with fresh ginger roots is very good support for metabolism. Since it is a negative calorie herb, you can use ginger to add flavor to your meals and prepare your tea. Ginger tea alone cannot do miracles in weight loss, but it can help with the right diet and exercise.

Ginger Tea and Weight Loss – Research Results

Ginger tea is a popular and natural remedy that is often used for digestive problems. It is also good for colds and coughs.

However, it has recently attracted the attention of those who want to lose weight. Studies conducted at Maastricht University show that a type of caffeine in its content helps to lose weight.

This substance, called consumable amphetamine, can prevent hunger, and controlling hunger brings weight loss. This result has also been proven in research conducted by Columbia University.

In the study published by a Japanese researcher named LKHan, the accuracy of the above information is confirmed. In many laboratories around the world, the effects of ginger and ginger tea on weight loss are being investigated, but there has not been enough research on humans yet.

How to Use Ginger Tea for Weight Loss?

How to Use Ginger Tea for Weight Loss?

Drinking 240 milliliters of ginger tea a day provides a maximum of 10 calories. In addition, it has a satiating effect, helping you control your hunger. You can prepare this herbal tea with fresh, pounded ginger roots or you can prepare it with ginger powder.
Making Ginger Tea with Fresh Roots


• Ginger root – 5 cm long, peeled and finely crushed
• Water – 250 ml
• Honey – To sweeten, if desired

How to Prepare?

• Boil your water.
• Add the crushed root into it and leave for 5 minutes.
• Strain and add honey if desired.
• For hot.

Making Tea with Dry Ginger Powder


• Ginger powder – 1 teaspoon
• Water – 250 ml
• Honey – To sweeten, if desired

How to Prepare?

• Boil the water.
• Add the ginger powder and continue boiling.
• Reduce the heat and boil for 2 more minutes.
• Add honey.
• Serve hot.

How to Use Ginger Tea for Weight Loss?

Benefits of Ginger Tea for Weight Loss

So how does this herbal product make you lose weight? The available data on this are as follows:

Increases Digestive Power

Ginger tea contains components that strengthen digestion. It also reduces appetite, stabilizes blood sugar, and controls cholesterol levels. Drinking a glass of this tea before meals prevents bloating after meals and stimulate digestion. Remember that you need to drink it hot to reap its benefits.

Adjust Cortisol Levels

Cortisol is the stress hormone and triggers unwanted lumbar fat. Studies conducted in 2004 showed that ginger can inhibit cortisol secretion. This anti-stress drink will protect you from cortisol-related weight problems.

How to Use Ginger Tea for Weight Loss?

Increases Energy Levels

Ginger tea obtained from fresh ginger increases the energy level of the body. The higher the energy level, the higher your morale will be. This allows you to exercise better and burn more calories. The more calories you burn, the easier it will be to lose weight.
For this, you should drink 250 ml of ginger tea every day before meals. You can also combine it with other fat-burning foods.

How to Use Ginger Tea for Weight Loss?

10 Foods You Can Consume With Ginger Tea

There are also some foods that you can add to ginger tea for better weight loss.

• Whole grain bread without sugar
• Almonds
• Lemon
• Hot pepper
• Garlic
• Peas
• Fresh fruits
• Forest fruits
• Avocado
• Honey

Make sure you don’t use more than 4 grams of ginger a day. Because it is known that excessive consumption of ginger can cause problems such as heartburn and stomach problems. Also, those who use drugs for gallstones and blood-thinning should stay away from it. Because ginger reduces the effectiveness of these drugs.

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