How to use household items like Sports Equipment

How to use household items like Sports Equipment? You don’t need to buy a gym or effective fitness equipment to have a good physique. It is enough to have a little command of the movement mechanics of the human body and take a different perspective with the creature. On these extraordinary days, you can get your own extraordinary gym at home.

In this article, we will examine How to use household items like Sports Equipment? and how to train as efficiently as possible in the hall using household items, and what household items you can use for sports at home. If you’re ready to go beyond the limits, let’s get started. How to use household items like Sports Equipment?

How to use household items like gym equipment

Water demijohn and water bottle

The weight of a water droplet is on average 20 liters. Small water bottles can be of different sizes from 5 liters to 500 ml. If you exercise regularly and need high weights, you can easily use large water demijohns. But if you’re an intermediate or beginner, bottles of 5 liters or 500 ml will be ideal for the start. Instead of weightlifting, you can use low-weight water bottles. It can easily increase the difficulty level of your basic exercises like heavy carboy squats, deadlifts. Lighter, 5-liter medium bottles allow you to easily dissolve your forearm, back, and shoulder. Of course, this list can be easily expanded… You can easily set up a dumbbell set with different water bottles and carboy,

Detergent Box

Laundry detergent bottles can also be good dumbbell alternatives. Weight amounts are much more diverse than water bottles. You can use it in small muscle group studies or large muscle group studies depending on its weight.

Up the stairs

There is definitely a staircase in the apartment where you live. Stairs that you normally prefer not to look at the face and recommend the lift offer great exercise opportunities to increase your stamina. The 20-25 minute staircase up and down session allows you to burn an average of 200 calories. Therefore, even if it is tiring, it is an important exercise in terms of efficiency.


Believe it or not, you can do whole-body exercises using a simple dining table chair. It is a great home appliance where you can do exercises like “reverse order”, especially in reverse jobs. In addition, you can use it as “lower” for exercises that we all know and often do for the back arm, or as “raise” for leg exercises.


If you have a backpack in your home, you have great exercise equipment. You can do anything you can think of by putting something in your backpack and adjusting the amount of weight to your own level. You can even use your backpack to increase the difficulty level of your cardiovascular exercises such as running, climbing stairs, skipping rope. The backpack can easily be used instead of a weight vest. Especially those who do CrossFit will know this.


Towels can do more than wipe your sweat after exercise. You can use towels instead of resistance bands! Or in the practice of the abdomen. For example, when doing mountaineering, place a towel under your toes and slide the towel to the floor while bringing your knee closer to your elbow. You can do this by pulling your right and left foot separately to your elbow or by using both knees at the same time. In addition, you can fill a few things on the towel by weight and turn it into great fitness equipment for exercises such as “benchtop” for the back and “bicep curl” for the forearm.

Skipping rope

If you have a jump rope at home and haven’t used it for a long time, now is the time! Because jump ropes are the most effective equipment to step in if you can’t run, cycle, or do other cardiovascular exercises.

Sitting Groups

You can use these items, which take up a lot of space in our home, in exercises such as leg pressure, stepping, dipping, bending upwards, pushing up. It is one of the very nice home items to target different points of our chest, especially in chest push-ups.


As you can see in the training videos, it’s really nice to lean our back against the wall and predict the movements in the squatting position. In addition, you can do difficult exercises such as pushing up on the handstand, wall walking, handstands, touchscreen handstands. While these exercises are difficult, your athletic performance takes you to the next level. I think the exercises to be done.

And finally, the most important is to grasp that the human body is a machine with extraordinary abilities. Just knowing how to use your own body will give you the opportunity to do quite effective exercises. So if you can’t do or find anything, use your own body.

A quick guide to using household items such as gym equipment

1. Heavy bags and chairs and Step-up – Take two bags filled with things like books, bottles of water, etc. to build weight. Place the left foot on a raised platform or chair. Raise yourself by lifting your heel up and placing your right foot on the platform. Press on your left leg by flexing your hips and knees with your right foot. Look to the other side.

2. The side leg raises with weights – Lie on your right side with the elbow support, place a heavy bag under your knee on your left leg, slowly lift your leg and bring it down 10-15 again. Do the same on the other side.

3. Chair chips – Sit on the chair with your palm and feet flat at the hip distance, positioning next to your hip. Move your trunk forward from the chair, lower the handle, and push it towards your starting position.

4. Chair push-ups – Stand 2-3 meters away from the chair, straighten the legs and tilt towards the chair while extending the hands to the chair. Gently push your body towards the chair and repeat, repeat.

5. Towels for Deadlift – Take a thick towel and lay it on the floor. Stand firmly in the deadlift position, hold the towel ends firmly and hold the position for 4 seconds, pull as hard as possible, relax and repeat. Standing on a towel creates resistance, creates pressure on the hamstrings and arms.

6. Squat with a glass of water gallons – Stand with feet wider than shoulder-width and hold the gallons of water tightly in front of your chest with both hands. Sit in squatting and then ride it back and repeat.

7. Bowed over the row with water gallons – bend your backs along the shoulders, keeping the core tight and holding your back straight with both hands. Sort the gallons to your chest, lower them and repeat.

8. Flour sack (at least 5kgs) and tea table and dumbbell bench press – Hold the flour sack firmly on your chest and lay it flat on a tea table (make sure it is not made of glass). Push it up until your arms are straight, low, and repeating.

9. One dumbbell shoulder rises with flour sack – hold the flour sack with both hands and let it hang between your legs. Lift and lower directly over your head, repeat.

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