Supplement combination for exercise performance, muscle growth

Making a supplement combination is a must for getting the right effect. Therefore, it should be studied well. Let’s look at the supplement combinations together.

I have reviewed almost all of the major supplements so far. With these reviews, I know that you have questions about how to make the supplement combination. Because there is a huge difference between knowing how a supplement works and knowing how a few supplements work.

If you don’t know this difference, you won’t get anything but mess in your diet.

I would like to start telling you how to create the supplement combination for your goal without making you more curious.

How is the supplement combination made in this article? I will cover many topics from the question to the best supplement combinations and answer your questions.

If you are ready we go!

Supplement combination: Synergistic effect

There is important information given in the introduction to pharmacology and actually constitutes the main line of our topic. This information is a synergistic effect.

Like all drugs, supplements have their own effects. When using these supplements together, evaluating the effects one by one is one of the big mistakes made. Because each supplement affects the other.

The reaction received with this effect may increase, not change or decrease. Our goal is to increase the effectiveness of using supplements together.

So if you are using two supplements and these supplements give your muscle mass 1 point separately, we want a result of 1 + 1 = 3, not a result of 1 + 1 = 2 when used together. This is exactly the synergistic effect.

Supplements that increase the effect of each other in concomitant use are always superior because.

In the rest of the article, I will examine the supplements that combine better with each other, allowing you to reach your goal faster when used together. This way, you will be able to achieve better supplement combinations.

The best supplement combinations

There is one final piece of information I would like to give before reviewing supplement combinations. All the combinations that I will review below will be targeted. For this reason, I will go over the goals. Of course, it is impossible to examine all the goals you have in mind at once. But if you have a goal that I haven’t reviewed, we can discuss it through comments.

In addition, almost all supplements directly or indirectly affect performance. During the review, we aim to get the most effective supplements to the combinations. Otherwise, it may be necessary to list all supplements for each goal.

We are ready to continue. Let’s!

Supplement combination for exercise performance

Exercise performance can be divided into many different branches. These can be defined as longer exercise duration for endurance athletes and more strength for strength athletes. When this is the case, it is most logical to divide this title within itself.

Endurance athletes: The most important goal is to be able to endure the exercise longer and to maintain performance during this period. In this process, I plan to prevent muscle exhaustion and to maintain the energy production mechanism with sodium bicarbonate.

However, caffeine can help sodium bicarbonate with its cardiovascular effects and help maintain performance, especially in the mid-long period of exercise. In addition, beta-alanine will help maintain performance, especially during long and stable exercises (such as marathons).

As a result, my recommendation for endurance athletes would be sodium bicarbonate + beta-alanine + caffeine.

Strength athletes: Strength athletes need more strength. In fact, although our main focus here is pure power, I also want to include bodybuilders in the group. Because we know that bodybuilders work in a power-oriented manner at certain intervals.

The first supplement in the combination is creatine. Creatine plays an important role both in the formation of the force in explosive strength exercises and in the continuation of the force. The second supplement is l-citrulline. Citrulline is even superior to arginine in nitric oxide production. It will therefore be combined well with creatine for performance.

As a result, my recommendation for strength athletes would be creatine + L-citrulline.

In the ranking, I have included supplements that change performance instantly or short-term. If you are aiming for a long-term change, different supplements that affect many variables from muscle mass to erythrocyte amount can be added to the combination.

Supplement combination for exercise performance, muscle growth, and loss of weight

Supplement combination for muscle growth

Supplement options for muscle mass are virtually unlimited. But almost all of these supplement options provide support for completing missing macros. Unfortunately, no supplement is capable of replacing anabolism and muscle-produced protein.

As such, the increase in muscle mass in supplement use will never be as satisfying as you’d like. Let me share the most satisfying combination with you.

First of all, I will start with creatine, which indirectly helps increase muscle mass by increasing muscle fullness and strength. Creatine should be the first choice for muscle mass gain.

My suggestion for the second choice is definitely not protein preparations. The reason I also mention this is because many people find protein supplements necessary for the development of muscle mass.

Contrary to popular belief, protein supplements are an aid that should be consumed only when intake is lacking in the diet. There is no massive effect on muscle mass when taking extra.

My second choice will be BCAA. Among these amino acids, especially leucine, which you can take with foods, seriously helps increase muscle mass. In addition, it is not always possible to meet all your leucine needs with diet. Therefore, taking additional BCAA helps you meet your leucine needs and increase your muscle mass. In addition, it is well combined with creatine and can be positioned at different times according to the diet, another nice feature of BCAA.

As a result, my advice to athletes who want to increase muscle mass will be creatine + BCAA.

Supplement combination to lose weight

There are too many supplements actually mentioned in the weight loss process. Some of them really contain so many active ingredients that it is impossible to count. I do not prefer these types of products due to cross interaction and uncertain mechanism.

However, the two main supplements that stand out are L-carnitine and CLA. There are serious concerns and question marks for both. But when it comes to choosing between the two, L-carnitine is one step ahead. The only reason that puts it forward is that it helps the fat burning mechanism in tough exercises.

Another supplement is caffeine. Caffeine is a good supplement that helps to reduce the energy balance to negative and provides better exercise. Here, it is one of the few supplements whose fat-burning effect has been approved.

For this reason, the best combination that you can combine within safe limits and whose effect can be proven by research will be L-carnitine + caffeine.

In this regard, I suggest you use the Lynitine L-Carnitine Complex product, which I have formulated personally, in addition to carnitine and caffeine, which makes the function of L-Carnitine the most efficient, you can get the product on our site by clicking this link.

Supplement combination for anti-catabolic effect

It would be a mistake not to give a combination that will prevent catabolism after mentioning the supplement combinations related to muscle mass and fat burning. Because the focus of the athletes during the diet and competition season is to prevent catabolism.

Because intense stress, hunger, and harsh conditions can drag many sports to catabolism. That being the case, I know you need a supplement combination to prevent catabolism.

My first suggestion to prevent catabolism will be glutamine. Glutamine is a highly effective supplement for preserving muscle mass, especially under stress. If the diet is included and glutamine intake is restricted by diet, then glutamine supplementation may become more valuable.

Glutamine supplementation is frequently preferred in intensive care and post-op patients. This is to prevent muscle wasting and cachexia. Seeing that glutamine is used frequently in practice will probably motivate you more about glutamine.

My second suggestion will be HMB. HMB is another component that plays an important role in the protection of muscle cells, especially during the diet period. For this reason, it can be preferred in the prevention of catabolism. In addition, the synergistic effect of their mechanism of action within the cell makes glutamine and HMB a great combination.

As a result, the supplement combination will be glutamine + HMB to prevent catabolism.

The best supplement combinations: conclusion

Almost all supplements can be used for multiple purposes. Here, adding minimally effective supplements to combinations will only help create a supplement soup.

For this reason, in choosing the “ best supplement combination ”, I took care to add only two – more than three – supplements.

If you want to accomplish more than one goal at once, you can of course combine combinations.

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