Best exercises for better sex: to make you better in bed

Cardio workout

Cardio exercises require frequent and intense breathing by regulating the blood flow in the body. 

Tip 1

Take time to swim

Research conducted at Harvard University revealed that the sex lives of male and female swimmers in their 60s were not that different from those of people 20 years younger than them.

Tip 2

Enjoy orgasms with ‘core’ exercises!

“Center” exercises, which express working in the abdominal and waist area, are one of the best exercises you can do for your sexual life.

Tip 3

Stay in frog pose

This posture, which provides stretching of the muscles in the inner parts of the leg and in the groin area, also provides flexibility to the hips.

Tip 4

Learn the hinge exercise

The hinge exercise helps you keep yourself “in the right position” without straining your back or legs.

Tip 5

Kegel exercises

Kegel, an exercise that women do by tightening and relaxing these muscles to strengthen their vaginal muscles, is actually possible for men.

Tip 6


Stand straight while doing push-ups… Then stand a little longer. Although this exercise, which works the whole body

Tip 7

Try the cat-cow move

The main purpose of this movement, which is frequently performed in yoga, is to stretch the spine. When you bend your back and open your ribcage in reverse,

Tip 8

Barbell lifting while lying down

Bench press helps strengthen chest and shoulder muscles. Women find their pectoral muscles sexually attractive

Tip 9


Squats are good for the butt and center. This move also allows blood to flow to the “Southern tropics”, which can help get you in the mood.

Tip 10

Lungs exercise

Exercise experts say the lungs create strength, endurance, balance, and basic stability in the butt, hips, and thighs, all of which come into play when engaging in sexual activity.

Tip 11


Push-ups are good for the partner on top because this traditional exercise works the arms, shoulders, chest, and abdominal muscles for better upper-body support and endurance.

Tip 12

Pelvic elevators

This exercise strengthens the muscles you use the most during sexual intercourse – the glutes and lower abdominal muscles – and helps maintain hip muscle balance.

Tip 13