What Are the Benefits of Green Tea?

Whenever a healthy diet, weight loss, or diet is mentioned somewhere, it is recommended to drink two cups of green tea a day first. There are green tea bags of many different brands in the markets and a thousand and one kinds of green teas in herbalists. But do we know how much and why green tea really is useful? Since I think this question confuses many people, I want to talk to you about the benefits of green tea. But first of all, I must state that; I am also one of those who think that green tea is indispensable for a healthy life. Because the antioxidants and high nutritional values ​​in green tea have unique effects on our body.

However, green tea; Everyone and everybody needs green tea because it contains high levels of vitamin C and vitamin E, kitchens as active substances, polyphenols, chromium, manganese, selenium, and zinc. In this regard, it is useful to examine the benefits of green tea one by one.

11 Evidence-Based Benefits of Green Tea

Green tea is touted as one of the healthiest beverages on the planet.

It’s loaded with antioxidants that have many health benefits that may include:

Improved brain function
Fat loss
Protection against cancer
Reducing the risk of heart disease

There may be more potential health benefits.

Here are 11 possible health benefits of green tea

1. Green tea protects the heart

Green tea strengthens the veins’ fronts, helping them to adapt more easily to blood pressure changes. In addition, people who regularly consume green tea prevent blood clotting, which is the main cause of heart disease, which is a common problem today.

2. Green tea is good for cholesterol

Today, many people, young and old, have cholesterol problems. Drinking green tea lowers the high cholesterol in the blood of the person and provides cholesterol balance.

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What Are the Benefits of Green Tea?

3. Green tea helps with weight loss

It is possible to accelerate weight loss by drinking 2 cups of green tea a day, as obesity has become widespread and many people, small and large, have weight problems. Because green tea accelerates metabolism, helps to maintain the calorie balance in the body with the polyphenol it contains. In this context, since the intestines will work faster, it will be faster and easier for people who drink green tea to lose weight.

4. Diabetics can keep blood sugar in balance with green tea

Diabetes, which is caused by the high level of glucose in the blood, damages the functions of all organs of the person and leads to many different diseases. However, it is possible to reduce the sugar level in the blood by drinking green tea regularly. Because the content of green tea shows the ability to prevent the rise of blood sugar.

What Are the Benefits of Green Tea?

5. Green tea reduces the risk of esophageal cancer

Green tea has a destructive effect on the cells that cause esophageal cancer, as well as on many cancer cells. It has been observed that green tea kills these cancer cells, especially in early-stage cancer cases. However, green tea also has the feature of inhibiting the development and spread of cancerous cells.

6. Green tea protects from Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases

The cell renewal and increased features of green tea are also valid for brain cells. In the green tea experiment on mice, it was seen that green tea protects the dead brain cells and renews the damaged brain cells. In this context, green tea is recommended to prevent Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases, which occur due to the death and damage of brain cells.

What Are the Benefits of Green Tea?

7. Green tea is beneficial for oral and dental health

Green tea contains high levels of antioxidants. These antioxidants protect the mouth, teeth, and the whole body from infections and bacterial diseases. In this regard, it is recommended to drink green tea regularly in order to eliminate the factors that cause tooth decay and other dental problems.

8. Green tea regulates blood pressure, and keeps it in balance

It is known that people who regularly consume green tea have more balanced blood pressure and the risk of blood pressure increase is reduced. People with stable blood pressure levels have a much lower risk of experiencing heart and blood pressure problems.

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9. Green tea relieves depression

One of the chronic diseases of our age is depression. When a person’s psychology deteriorates, his physiology deteriorates in a short time. In this respect, we should try to protect our psychology first and stay away from stress and depression. For this, it is necessary to take advantage of Theanine, an antioxidant naturally found in the leaves of green tea. Because Theanine provides mental and psychological relaxation and purifies the soul from negative energy. Thanks to green tea, people who feel calm and peaceful also reduce the risk of depression.

10. Green tea has an anti-viral, anti-bacterial effect

Green tea; contains high levels of vitamins C and E, and many different minerals and components. In this way, those who drink green tea can be protected from many diseases, from flu to cancer. It is also known that those who drink green tea have a lower risk of contracting infectious and common diseases.

11. The positive effect of green tea on skincare masks

It has been scientifically proven that green tea has a cell-renewing and relieving effect on the skin. That’s why many skin and hair care masks include green tea. For example, the effect of green tea to repair wrinkles on the skin, the effect on slowing down the aging process of the skin, and the effect of removing skin spots caused by the sun make green tea an important product in skincare. Because the anti-oxidants and vitamins contained in green tea restore the vitality and youthfulness of the skin.

Recommendations for green tea consumption

  • Many plants found in nature are more valuable than very useful drugs for our health. One of these very valuable natural treasures is undoubtedly green tea. However, as in every product, the amount is very important in green tea. Those who consume 4-5 cups of green tea a day because green tea is beneficial will see more harm than benefit. For this reason, it would be beneficial for people who do not have any known ailments to regularly consume 1-2 large glasses of green tea every day. But more is unnecessary, even harmful. It is known that excessive consumption of green tea causes iron deficiency in the body.
  • People with any known ailments should consult their doctor before consuming green tea or any other herbal tea. Because every disease has its own dynamics, eating and drinking something other than the doctor’s recommendations can trigger the symptoms of this disease.
  • People who have any known ailment and are taking medication for its treatment should definitely consult a doctor before drinking green tea. In this way, the possible positive or negative effects of the drug when combined with green tea are also taken into account. No matter how beneficial green tea is, only doctors can know what effect it will have when combined with the wide variety of chemicals contained in drugs.
  • We mentioned that green tea has the effect of destroying cancer cells. However, it is not recommended for people who have cancer and who are being treated for cancer to drink green tea. It is not recommended to combine drugs used in cancer treatment with green tea.
  • Pregnancy is a sensitive period just like the treatment process of a disease. For this reason, it is not recommended to consume green tea, which has dozens of benefits, during pregnancy. Only in some cases of pregnancy, a limited amount of green tea can be drunk with the recommendation of the doctor. However, it should definitely be within the knowledge of the doctor.
  • Green tea is one of the most trusted beverages consumed by those who want to lose weight. But it should not be forgotten that; It is very inconvenient to drink green tea after a long hunger. Instead, drinking a cup of green tea half an hour or an hour after meals will speed up metabolism and make the intestines work better.

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