What Does Sodium Bicarbonate Do? Can(SHC)Be A Miracle Supplement?

We examined sodium bicarbonate, which can be among the supplements used to increase performance in athletes.

Supplements have been used, researched, and tested for a long time to improve performance in athletes. While following these researches closely, I saw the researches about sodium bicarbonate (NaHCO3) a while ago and took it for review.

In this process, I have no doubts about sodium bicarbonate with the research I have examined the accuracy of, and I am sure that it is the right time to talk to you.

In this article, we will examine the studies that examine sodium bicarbonate and its contribution to athletic performance, draw conclusions, and touch on the details of use suitable for performance.

If you are ready, we start.

What is Sodium Bicarbonate?

Sodium Bicarbonate known as baking powder can also be defined as soda. It was used in the mixture that formed natural deposits in ancient Egypt. These mixtures were used as a dye in natron hydrophilic scripts. It was produced as soy carbonate in 1791 by Nicolas Leblanc, a French chemist. Two New York bakers founded a factory in 1846 that produced carbon dioxide and baking soda from carbon. In fact, this ingredient was used by a Romani captain in the 1800s to keep fish fresh. And it became known as the saleratus.

What Does Sodium Bicarbonate Do?

Cooking soda, which is available in almost everyone’s home, is used only for baking cakes. However, it has many unnoticed benefits. Sodium a carbonate, which is very useful in various areas from health to beauty, has an alkaline effect with its antacid feature. Soda, which has antiseptic properties, can be used in peeling. In addition to being used as baking powder, it can be used as a cleaning agent, tooth whitener, hand cleaner, natural deodorant. A small amount of regular use in these areas contributes to the improvement of body functions. It can be used by mixing with water.

Sodium Bicarbonate Nahco3 Usage Areas

The usage areas of Sodium Bicarbonate, which has a wide range of uses, can be listed as follows:

  • FoodIt is used as baking powder in the cooking area. It is used as a leavening ingredient in the dough and is found in most of the favorite bread and cake-like foods.
  • It is effective in spraying cockroaches. In addition, it can be used to control fungal growth.
  • Increases pH level in pools and alkalinity of spas. In this way, pools can be entered. However, it is not used in case of high pH.
  • Sodium bicarbonate, the main material of snake-shaped fireworks, creates black ash as a result of burning.
  • Its disinfection feature is very strong. Therefore, it can be used as a disinfectant.
  • It can be used to extinguish grease and electrical fires.
  • Used to neutralize laboratory acids.
  • It is mixed with water and used in the treatment of heartburn and indigestion.
  • It is used to reduce the pain of injections in local anesthesia.
  • In addition to being used for cleaning aluminum panels, it is a good rust inhibitor.
  • Used in toothpaste to remove plaque and whiten.
  • It can give complementary support to middle-distance runners. Overdose is risky.

Sodium Bicarbonate Benefits

  • One of the most important benefits is that it removes acidity. It neutralizes especially stomach acid and is used in the solution of many problems in stomach problems.
  • As a natural alkali, it establishes the pH balance in the body and is effective in improving health.
  • It is good for urinary tract infections.
  • It has healing effects on sports performance.
  • It is effective on kidney functions.
  • It is used as a cure for joint problems and gout problems.
  • It can be used to reduce inflammation in the skin. In this way, it prevents the formation of acne. Anti-bacteria is important in this regard.

Sodium bicarbonate is a popular cleaning product. It is also beneficial for dark lips.

  • Sodium bicarbonate, which can be used for hair care, is also used for whitening teeth. It also improves discoloration with its alkaline feature. It can be used diluted in water to reap the benefits in all these areas.
What Does Sodium Bicarbonate Do? Can(SHC)Be A Miracle Supplement?

It is useless compared to the supplement industry!

Although there are many different studies, some manipulative sources give unsightly statements about sodium bicarbonate and share the results of the research.

Although it may seem convincing from the outside, the situation is different.

Because the supplement sector, which has a heavy profit margin and is commercially focused rather than health-oriented contrary to popular belief, does not want to be confronted with a substance that can be found in every pharmacy and can almost compete with one of the most effective supplements of our century. I understand the situation sincerely. But I will not turn a blind eye.

As a result, an athlete who started exercising a week ago knows a lot about creatine but is unaware of sodium bicarbonate, which is cheaper and healthier, which can compete with creatine.

It’s time to start researching, so keep reading!

Sodium bicarbonate: Is it really effective?

I have been seeing and evaluating research on sodium bicarbonate since 2012. Although I didn’t want to mention the limited research results at that time, there are now many studies on sodium bicarbonate and exercise performance, and the results of the studies are very clear.

Let’s examine what I have chosen from these studies.

Research 1

In a study conducted with 8 male participants who exercise regularly, it was aimed to examine the effect of sodium bicarbonate on exercise volume.

Sixty minutes before exercise

  • While 0.3 g / kg NaHCO3 and sweetener were given to a group,
  • The second group received 0.045 g / kg NaCl and sweetener.

The group in which sodium bicarbonates  was tested was the first group, while the second group was created to see the placebo effect.

The number of repetitions in both groups that had back squat and bench press practice

  • For the back squat, the first group performed an average of 31.3 repetitions, while the second group had 24.6 repetitions,
  • While the first group did an average of 28.2 repetitions for the bench press, the second group had 26.7 repetitions.

As a result, bicarbonate increased the back squat volume by approximately 27% and the bench press volume by 6% and contributed to the performance.

Research shows that sodium bicarbonate helps to increase performance, especially in endurance sports that include intense, uninterrupted exercise periods.

Research 2

Research is conducted with 13 young male participants to measure the effect of high-intensity exercise (HIIT) of sodium bicarbonate.

In the study, the Yo-Yo Intermittent Test 2 (Yo-Yo IR2) is applied to measure the performance of the participants who were divided into two groups (who took 0.4 g / kg sodium bicarbonate and placebo before exercise) and the participants’ heart rate and distance traveled were examined.

At the end of the study, when the distance traveled by the participants is examined, it is seen that the group receiving the bicarbonate capsule traveled 735 ± 61 m, and the placebo capsule group traveled 646 ± 46 m.

As a result, the group consuming sodium bicarbonate before exercise has a performance increase of 14% in high-intensity exercise based on distance.

With this research, it has been shown that sodium bicarbonate can increase performance in high-intensity exercises as well as exercise volume.

Research 3

Research is being conducted on 21 elite cyclists (16 men, 5 women) to examine the effect of sodium bicarbonate on endurance.

In the study, participants were divided into two groups and exercised by consuming sodium bicarbonate and placebo. During and after exercise, the participants’ exhaustion time, heart rate, and blood parameters are examined in the face of intense exercise.

At the end of the study, it was seen that the group that consumed sodium bicarbonate in the groups tested with 60-minute exercise periods, could exercise an average of 4.5 minutes more than the group consuming the placebo.

What Does Sodium Bicarbonate Do? Can(SHC)Be A Miracle Supplement?

There are questions in your mind. I know!

I know you have a lot of sodium bicarbonate related questions. I want to answer the questions that come to my mind. If you have questions that I have not answered under this heading or if you have questions, do not forget to ask me via comments.

Who can use it?

I tried to explain the effect of sodium bicarbonate consumption on exercise performance with research. I am sure you were impressed by the research.

Is this supplement suitable for everyone?

My answer is yes! Suitable for all athletes who want to increase their exercise performance, sodium bicarbonate is a great option, especially for those who exercise endurance and high intensity.

There are studies showing that sodium bicarbonate also contributes to performance in strength athletes. But this effect of sodium bicarbonate is less than that of endurance sports.

Can it be combined?

Yes, research shows that sodium bicarbonate combines with creatine and beta-alanine quite effectively. We currently do not have enough data on other combinations.

How much should I use?

0.3 g / kg 60 minutes before training has been shown by research as the most appropriate dose. Although studies are conducted with higher and lower dosages, you can now get the best performance as 0.3 g / kg.

Where can I find it?

As always, I will not suggest a brand here either. But definitely do not choose options such as baking soda and baking powder sold in the kitchen for the kitchen. Because most of these types of products no longer contain sodium bicarbonate.

The best way would be to consult your pharmacist. You can find this type of product in many pharmacies. Another way is to get baking soda, which you can see in the picture above, with the help of people living abroad. It is important to read the contents before bringing them to make sure you made the right choice.

Is there any risk?

There is always a risk with supplements, and I do not recommend consuming sodium bicarbonate without consulting your doctor. The information here is based on research and my professional opinion. But none of these views are suggestions.

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