What foods have a thermogenic effect? 17 Foods with Thermogenic Effect

Foods with Thermogenic Effect: Thermogenic foods are foods that help you burn more calories and fat by speeding up your metabolism. Thermogenesis is a reaction that converts the calories of the food you eat into heat energy.

Under normal conditions, your body spends the calories it takes for metabolic functions and physical activities; however, up to 10% of the calories taken are burned during thermogenesis. Some foods have a thermogenic effect and make it easier to burn calories and fat because they increase body temperature. We can list the  effects as follows:

1. Hot Pepper

Some spices have thermogenic properties; they increase thermogenesis in the body. Red hot pepper or black pepper provides satiety and also has the ability to aid fat burning. The capsaicin substance that gives the hot pepper its bitterness increases thermogenesis. We start consuming more energy right after we have a meal containing capsaicin. It not only increases the metabolic rate of the body but also helps cleanse the fat in the veins.

Oxford University has proven that chili peppers boost metabolism by about 20%. Dr. Henry has proven that adding just 3 grams of cayenne pepper to a 766-calorie meal is very effective in boosting metabolism. Dr. Henry calls this “nutrition-induced thermal effect” and advises you to adjust the amount according to your taste buds.

The piperine substance in black pepper also stimulates the nervous system and triggers thermogenesis. Spices such as curry, ginger, and cinnamon also have a thermogenic effect.

2. Hot Sauce and Mustard

British researchers added hot sauce or mustard to a meal with 3/5 of a teaspoon, increasing the average metabolic rate by 25%. Within 3 hours after eating, individuals burned an additional 45 calories. Hot sauces such as Mustard and Tabasco allow a person to burn approximately 76 calories.

3. Green Tea

Green tea contains caffeine and polyphenols called catechin, which increase the thermogenesis effect. The most abundant catechin in green tea is epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG), a substance that helps prevent cancer. Green tea has been proven in clinical trials to increase the energy expenditure level of the body and to provide fat oxidation. A cup of green tea you drink before starting your workout helps both to increase your performance and to facilitate fat burning.

Studies have shown that green tea with cannabis extract and gymnemic acid reduces blood sugar absorption and sweet cravings. More importantly, green tea suppresses the activity of amylase, the enzyme that provides carbohydrate digestion, and consequently, food passes through the digestive system more quickly, increasing the metabolic rate and burning more calories. It is best to drink green tea before eating to aid digestion.

4. Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is a food that contains medium-chain fatty acids and helps to accelerate fat burning and prevent fat storage by increasing thermogenesis. Medium-chain fatty acids are transformed into energy by first passing to the liver and then to the digestive system in the body; Unlike long fatty acid chains, they are not stored in the body.

5. Protein

Compared to high carbohydrate and high-fat diets, high protein diets have the most thermogenic effect. Red meat, fish, chicken and poultry, eggs, yogurt, nuts, and legumes are good sources of protein.

What foods have a thermogenic effect? 17 Foods with Thermogenic Effect

6. Other Nutrients That Speed ​​Up Metabolism

1. Ice water

Too much water helps to burn fat and cleanse the body from toxins. If you drink 475 ml glass of water 8 times a day, cooled to 4 ° C, 200 calories can be burned, which is equivalent to running 5 km. Ice water burns more calories as your metabolism will speed up to bring the water to body temperature.

It is also very effective in reducing the desire to eat. If you are not fond of water too much, we recommend that you try purified water, spring water, or water treated with reverse osmosis. If you are still not convinced, you can add some fruit juice to taste. You should not drink ice water with meals, as it will reduce the effect of digestive enzymes.

2. Apple Cider Vinegar

1 teaspoon of apple cider vinegar added into 1 glass of water helps to accelerate metabolism and dissolve excess fat, and if it is drunk regularly every morning on an empty stomach, it can provide 2.5 cm slimming in 1 month even if it is not useful for weight loss.

3. Lemon and Vinegar

Since it is highly acidic, 1 tablespoon of lemon and vinegar mixture prevents rapid emptying of the stomach and rapid digestion of starchy foods. Drinking lemon squeezed water in the morning helps regulate your blood sugar.

4. Vegetables and fruits

Raw vegetables and most fruits also help speed up your metabolism. All vegetables and fruits are beneficial, but the foods listed below increase the metabolic rate the most:

5. Cabbage

Red or white cabbage when consumed raw or steamed helps prevent colon cancer and reduce the risk of death from the disease. Next time, try making coleslaw instead of a greens salad with meat.

6. Celery and Celery Stalk

Celery, which has extremely low-calorie content, needs to burn more calories than celery itself in order for the body to digest it. Celery stalk calms the nerves, helps expel fat from the body, and helps you sleep better.

7. Brussels Sprouts

These tiny cabbages are richer in vitamin C and protein than other vegetables, and they are extremely nutritious. It is recommended to be consumed frequently to be healthier in terms of metabolism.

8. Broccoli and Cauliflower

With their high calcium content, bones’ favorite vegetables are broccoli and cauliflower. 100 gr. broccoli 105 mg. Contains calcium.

9. Grapefruit

Grapefruit is not a diet myth, but a real health store. It contains galacturonic acid that helps burn fat and lower high cholesterol. Grapefruit contains more than 15 grams of pectin that will keep you full for a long time. You can increase the thermogenic effect of powdered cinnamon on grapefruit.

10. Small Berry Fruits

Small berry fruits such as strawberries, mulberries, blueberries, raspberries, and blackberries have a satisfying taste with their natural fructose content, as well as helping you eat fewer calories thanks to their high fiber content. British researchers say that high-fiber foods help absorb fewer calories from other foods, thereby accelerating weight loss. These fruits are also a source of potassium that controls blood pressure.

Fruits such as apricots, raisins, watermelons, papaya, bananas, and mangoes should not be consumed too much because they have a high glycemic index. However, if they are consumed in a salad or with a protein, their glycemic index will be slightly reduced.

On the contrary, apples, small nut fruits, cherries, cherries, grapes, grapefruits, oranges, peaches, and pears are also fruits that balance blood sugar and are slow to absorb. The fibers contained in these fruits combine with fats and slow down digestion.

11. Fatty Fish

Although it may seem unreasonable to consume fat to fight fat, not all fat actually gains weight. Omega 3 fatty acids found in oily fish such as tuna, salmon, and mackerel help to increase the metabolic rate, get rid of unnecessary fluids, and increase the energy level. According to a study conducted at the University of Florida, omega 3 supplements have been shown to help reduce inflammation and joint pain. All omega 6 fatty acids, especially Gamma-Linolenic Acid (GLA), are also necessary for a healthy metabolism. If you do not like fish, you can also use flaxseed or linseed oil, evening primrose oil, borage seeds, blackcurrant oil, or fish oil capsules.

12. Rolled oats

Oatmeal, which has long-chain molecules, stays in your stomach longer, provides long-term satiety, and helps to lower cholesterol. It provides a very slow and prolonged flow of glucose into the blood.

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