What is a Gainer? Should I use a gainer?

Gainer is a supplement commonly used by individuals with weight gain goals. So are gainers really healthy? Do they work? Answers in my new post.

Individuals trying to gain weight and exercising have a similar story. Sign up to the gym, look for supplements to develop fast, and then meet the miracle product gainer.

After the query, he lists many compliments about the spouse, friend, sports partner, coach gainer. Then one takes the gainer and uses it for a long time. As a result, they either get fat or continue to live at the same weight. The result is disappointment again.

So what’s the problem with this story? I’ll tell you right away. Gainers are overrated and not understood correctly.

If that’s the case, let’s examine the gainers together.

What is the gainer in this article? From the question, does gainer make weight gain? to question, should I buy a gainer? From the question, is gainer harmful? I will touch on many issues until the question and answer the questions.

If you are ready we go!

What is a Gainer?

Gainer comes from the English word “gain”. Gain is a word used for meanings such as development and gain. The word gainer can be expressed as “the thing that makes a profit”.

For supplements, we can define this gain as weight gain.

As a result, the gainer is the name given to all supplements that provide weight gain.

The content of the gainers that are mentioned to be beneficial is quite modest. Even if there is no clear formula, gainers generally contain carbohydrates, proteins, and micronutrients (vitamins and minerals).

Does a gainer gain weight?

There is a lot to talk about the Gainer. Impacts, changes in performance level, and more. But the most important of these is a weight change, which is the main purpose of use.

There is an issue that individuals who want to gain weight overlook and change the course of the article. What do you want to gain weight?

As oil? In muscle?

Because many individuals who want to gain weight aim to gain weight more confidently after trying and failing for a long time and adopt a “I will gain weight no matter what” type structure.

As a result, individuals tend to gain fat, which is easier than muscle gain.

But the point they forget here is that the fat mass they take may lead them to many chronic diseases, from cardiovascular diseases to cancer. For this reason, individuals who want to gain weight should definitely and definitely aim to increase muscle mass.

There are many studies that have been done to increase exercise performance with carbohydrates, and it seems that you can achieve great exercise performance even with a diet low in carbohydrates.

Here it turns out just how pointless gainers are. Because gainers only contain carbohydrates in addition to normal protein supplements.

So by consuming gainer, you put tens of grams of fast-digesting carbohydrates into your body and this carbohydrate has no effect on muscle mass gain. This type of supplement, which only directs you to gain weight as fat, ultimately causes more harm than benefit.

What is a Gainer? Should I use a gainer?

You can see the nutrients in service, namely 150 grams of gainer (a known brand) above. Is it healthy to take a supplement that is about 83% carbohydrates?

There is one more thing I want to say about the above table.

More nutrients are needed, especially in individuals who do sports. The reason is that fast building events spend a lot of building blocks.

For this reason, the calorie intake must be nutritious enough. Otherwise, you will hit the calorie target at the end of the day and fall behind in nutritional needs.

This gainer carries a lot of risks. Because individuals who need 2-3 thousand calories a day get almost one-third of their needs from a carbohydrate-dense supplement as an “empty food” means that they lack important building blocks for production.

The result is a crowd of athletes who take a gainer but can’t grow their muscle mass.

Remember, your muscles are made up of fat, water, protein, and micronutrients, which are important cell elements, not sugar!

The gainer intake and the bulk period are reasonably close. “Increase your carbohydrate intake, increase your fat mass and fool yourself!”

Also, gainers are quite expensive supplements. Instead of giving hundreds of pounds to this supplement, which is a mixture of protein and carbohydrates, you can create a regular diet, get a reasonable amount of carbohydrates and enjoy a natural diet.

Remember that no supplement can replace your regular meal. Because you can get fiber and many other useful nutrients besides the macro/micronutrient community with normal meals.

As a result, weight gainer supplements can make you gain weight, but this does not guarantee that the weight you gain will come as muscle mass. High amounts of fast-digesting carbohydrates only make you unhealthy and fatty.

Should I use a gainer?

Until this time, I have examined many different nutritional supplements in the supplement category and there is no single supplement that I say you should not use for sure. I will break the rule here and state that you should not use gainers for sure.

Because there is no item or a special mixture that you cannot get with foods. It contains fast-digesting carbohydrates found in many fast foods or packaged products, and proteins you can get with natural foods.

Is there any difference between gainers and tuna pasta? Yes, if you take the pasta whole grain, you will at least have consumed a slow-digesting carbohydrate source and experienced fewer insulin peaks.

If I am comparing pasta that I always refuse to consume as a physician with a supplement, then there is a big problem.

And what exactly is understood here is that gainers are just a good marketing product. In order to gain weight, the muscle mass you will gain slowly with natural nutrition and exercise tempo will be better than the fat mass you will get fast.

Of course, if you want to gain weight as fat – you may want to be a sumo wrestler – instead of a gainer, you can reach your goal by consuming tens of thousands of calories with just normal meals.

Is gainer harmful?

Gainers have no direct proven harm. In other words, no health problems have been reported associated with the use of gainer. Just because the use of gainer is unhealthy doesn’t mean it’s harmful. One should not confuse these two different definitions.

Consequently, when used in the right amounts, gainers do not have serious side effects. Of course, you should always be cautious about the use of supplements and take the opinion of the physician who follows you before you start using the supplement.

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