When Choosing Inpatient Physical Therapy Center?

What Should Be Considered When Choosing Inpatient Physical Therapy Center? It is very important to get good physical therapy as soon as possible after life-threatening is overcome in the recovery of diseases such as stroke, brain damage, spinal cord paralysis due to injury to the nervous system.

It is very important to get good physical therapy as soon as possible after life-threatening is overcome in the recovery of diseases such as stroke, brain damage, spinal cord paralysis due to injury to the nervous system. Choosing an inpatient physical therapy center to get the best possible treatment can sometimes be difficult. The diseases in question usually develop suddenly in people who did not have a major health problem before; catches the person and their family off guard. Therefore, they may not know what questions to ask when choosing a good physical therapy center for them. In this article, we have collected the features that should be considered when choosing an inpatient physical therapy center for the rehabilitation of neurological diseases.

When Is Inpatient Physical Therapy Needed?

The first question to ask is inpatient physical therapy for your patient. whether it should be. Physical therapy and rehabilitation should be initiated immediately in patients with stroke on the right or left side of the body due to cerebral vascular occlusion or cerebral hemorrhage. In this respect, the first 3 months are very valuable. However, good physical therapy can add a lot to the patient in terms of returning to normal life in the late period. Physical therapy, in which active participation of the patient for more than 3 hours a day, is effective in the re-education of the brain and recovery of paralysis. Stroke and brain injury patients who can participate in therapy for at least 3 hours a day, understand what is said, and have learning potential benefit from inpatient physical therapy. Spinal cord injury patients also benefit from well-planned intensive rehabilitation, especially in partial spinal cord injuries.

A Center Specialized in Neurological Rehabilitation?

Another issue that you should pay attention to when choosing an inpatient physical therapy center for your patient is the experience of the center and whether it is specialized in a certain area. There may be deficiencies in the treatment units of newly established centers; Although some centers are old and well-established institutions, their employees may have changed recently and the system may not be settled. Some physical therapy centers may be more experienced in musculoskeletal problems, but may not be specialized for neurological diseases. In order to achieve the best standards in neurological rehabilitation, the clinic in question should be treating these patients regularly. In this sense, it can be asked how many strokes, traumatic brain injury, and spinal cord paralysis patients are treated in the physical therapy center annually. Child patients have different needs than adults.

Are Different Therapies Provided in the Inpatient Physical Therapy Center?

Stroke and brain injury patients have specific needs such as speech therapy, swallowing rehabilitation, spasticity therapy, and occupational therapy. Urological evaluation is required for bladder functions in patients with spinal cord paralysis. The inpatient physical therapy center of your choice should be able to provide these special treatments. Robotic rehabilitation is an important tool that facilitates early treatment in neurological rehabilitation and increases treatment intensity. In addition to the physical and hardware features, you should definitely ask about the time and number of sessions allocated to treatment every day, and the variety of treatment.

Is Treatment Success Measured in Inpatient Physical Therapy Center?

In physical therapy and rehabilitation, whether there is a change in the patient before and after the treatment, and the degree of improvement is determined by special outcome evaluation scales. A good physical therapy center makes and records these measurements before the treatment begins, then at regular intervals during the treatment period and at the end of the treatment. You can ask whether the physical therapy center measures the success results of the treatment of patients with your disease and, if so, the success rate.

Can other departments be reached?

Additional clinical problems of your patient will also affect your choice of the physical therapy center. It will be better for people with additional problems such as heart disease, diabetes, kidney failure to receive treatment in a center where the departments related to these diseases can be easily reached. Psychiatric problems may accompany frequently in patients with stroke, brain injury, and spinal cord paralysis. Communication with a psychiatrist and psychologist should be possible when necessary. Parameters such as the number of patients per nurse, easy access to a specialist doctor make a difference in people with chronic diseases or severe neurological damage.


Features such as the cost of the inpatient physical therapy center, its agreements with the social security institution and private health insurances, the prescribed treatment period for your patient, the location of the treatment center are also important issues when choosing.

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