When Should I Start Using Supplements?

When should I start using supplements? There is a reasonable answer to the question. Let’s decide together when to start supplementation.

I have written many articles about supplements and at some points of the articles, I mentioned when you should start using supplements. But this point has always been a bit incomplete and I think it will be more effective and fix the problems if I examine the subject in a single article.

First, let’s start with the problem. The biggest mistake I have made regarding the use of the supplement I have seen is the untimely use. For this reason, I have to say stop.

When should I start using supplements in this article? and why are supplements used? I will answer your questions and touch upon the subjects you are curious about.

If you are ready we go!

Why use supplements?

It is a great mistake to limit the reasons for supplement use. Considering that active ingredients are taken into the body act at the cellular level and knowing that these effects cannot be calculated precisely reveals an endless series of results.

But I will make this mistake. Because for many athletes, there is no simple algorithm and people need a simple perspective. In other words, saying “if you use that supplement, you will get this effect” will enable athletes in the beginning stage to use the more correct supplements.

This, of course, means leaving some issues out of line. For this reason, I am preparing this article by ignoring especially healthy life and medical purposes. It is very important to keep this explanation in mind for you to interpret the article correctly.

Now we can move on to our main subject. Why are supplements used? The question contains a few simple answers for athletes. These answers

  • To supplement the missing nutrients,
  • Increasing muscle mass and reducing breakdown,
  • To increase exercise performance,
  • Losing or gaining weight

Can be listed as. Here, I have to establish certain criteria to determine the need for supplements.

When should I start using supplements?

First of all, I want to start with young and enthusiastic athletes. Because I know how courageous an aspiring athlete can be. For the same reason, it can be predicted how often people who are just starting sports can make mistakes.

While this is the case, the generally made error is related to the use of the supplement. Let’s examine the purpose-oriented use.

The goals mentioned below include algorithms that you can easily use up to the professional level. If you are a professional athlete, I recommend that you work with physicians and other healthcare professionals who are interested in sports nutrition.

1. Supplementing missing nutrients

The only macronutrient protein that is thought to be deficient in nutrients. Many athletes think that excessive protein intake will help increase muscle mass and promote rapid growth. This leads them to use protein and amino acid supplements ( whey, casein, bcaa , glutamine ).

As I have mentioned in many articles, the use of supplements should be used especially to close low macro deficits. There are actually two important reasons for this.

The first reason is that you have to learn the right diet to create a healthy diet. The second reason is that the supplements are poor in terms of non-protein macro (fat, carbohydrate) and micronutrients.

Although this situation offers you a targeted composition, closing your protein deficit in this way causes you to take less other nutrients in the background and not to form a nutritional habit.

In fact, this is exactly the reason for chronic constipation seen in athletes who use supplements and overdo it. Because supplements do not contain fiber like normal foods, and while you think that you are closing the protein gap, you will hit your digestive system in the backbone.

I’m sure you got what I wanted to tell you correctly. If you want, let me simply repeat.

Supplement choice to close the gap of protein and other macros,

  • If your muscle mass has increased significantly and you are not getting enough nutrients for your weight,
  • If your lifestyle is poor and you can’t keep up your macronutrient intake all the time,

You must. Apart from this, it would be more correct to place additional protein sources in your diet instead of taking supplements to supplement the macros.

2. Increasing muscle mass and reducing breakdown

If you think that increasing muscle mass, reducing breakdown is just the problem of people who do weight training, you are absolutely wrong. Because no matter how you need your muscles, you must protect them from destruction and support the building processes.

Only in this way can you achieve a better result.

The only thing people who will use the supplement choice in this direction should know that there is no time limit. So whether you’re just starting out or exercising for decades, these supplements will help you.

But if you just started exercising,

  • You probably can’t work hard enough to cause muscle breakdown,
  • You are not at the optimal level to increase your muscle mass.

I want to specify. For this reason, the main purpose of people who are new to exercise is to set the training tempo and understand the techniques, rather than the destruction process and gaining muscle mass. This goal is not related to supplementation at a distance or at a distance.

As a result, supplements used to reduce breakdown and increase anabolism can be used by beginning athletes, but are not essential and effective.

3. Increasing exercise performance

Optimizing exercise performance is a long and demanding road. Supplements ( creatine, HMB, sodium bicarbonate, beta-alanine ) can help you in this way. But with a very important difference.

Exercise performance is not in a linear relationship with the amount of time you exercise. In other words, your exercise performance does not constantly increase at the same speed. After a while, the rate of increase in exercise performance decreases and almost stops.

If you look at the table below, you will understand better what I mean.

When Should I Start Using Supplements?

This is exactly where you need help from supplements to increase exercise performance. Because your body is not a machine and long-term supplement use is unnecessary if you are not a professional.

Instead of using supplements to increase your performance when you start sports, using supplements when you enter the plateau period will help you get much better results and solve the problem. For this reason, if you are not professional and have just started exercising, it does not seem like a logical idea to use performance-enhancing supplements in the first place.

4. Losing or gaining weight

Especially when the summer months approach, the number of angry and excited athletes in the gyms increases. The reason for this is that almost everyone is on a diet and their desire to get fit in the summer months. This desire creates the need to find a shortcut in athletes.

This shortcut is generally weight loss supplements ( L-carnitine, CLA ). But unfortunately, this and no other supplement can help you lose weight without controlling your diet. If you are really doing everything planned, supplements can be used during the weight loss process.

I never recommend using gainer to gain weight.

Summary: When should I start using supplements?

There is no clear time to start using supplements for bodybuilding and fitness if you actually consider the points I have listed one by one in the items. Everything is determined by your needs.

But my advice is,

  • Not using supplements to complement your macros and adopting a healthy eating habit,
  • Do not choose supplements that you will use to reduce muscle breakdown and increase anabolism,
  • Choosing the supplements you will use to increase exercise performance during the plateau periods when your body and performance stop improving,
  • Choose supplements used to lose weight only if everything is perfect,
  • Do not use the recommended supplements for weight gain,

Will be.

The supplement industry is quite large and most of the people who give advice in this area are sellers. Please remember that the people who give advice are trying to monetize you and spin this wheel.

For me, it’s the opposite, and only you are important. For this reason, when should I start using supplements? I strongly recommend you to follow my suggestions for the question.

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